LLLP Coco Manifesto

BREXIT obviously isn’t going to happen very quickly, so the Last Laugh Looney Party is gearing up for the European Parliamentary Elections by preparing its Manifesto.   This is the next contribution from a GrumbleSmiles character – Coco.

Coco is hoping to be the first dog to be elected to the European Parliament.

She thinks that the European MPs are barking mad and that doggie issues are under-represented in the European Parliament.    She will campaign for better dog food and more treats.   Also dogs should be included in the European Freedom of Movement Regulations.  They should be allowed to travel freely anywhere in Europe, on trains, planes and boats.

And go into restaurants and pubs everywhere, and get  biscuits.   And not be made to sit under tables.

And go into art galleries where there should be more dogs featured in artworks.    And go to cinemas and see more leading roles for dogs  – what ever happened to Lassie 2, Lassie 3 and  Lassie 4 ?

Coco says :-

“Equal rights for dogs !”

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1 Response to LLLP Coco Manifesto

  1. Excellent, I vote for a “shaggy dog story”, especially one as good looking and behavior as good as “”COCO”.
    I was “SHEP” MIGHT BE AROUND TO HERD AND CORRAL the “Westminster parliamentarians” into the sheep pen, called “BREXIT”, for a satisfactory conclusion,and maybe a majority decision? This for the best way forward for the United Kingdom as a nation, in the wider world???
    I just hope we not not consider a ” woofer” named Rover with a wanderlust! To roam around the LLLP HUSTLINGS dividing the possible votes for a correct choice???
    “Fetch, fetch doggies!!”

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