I have discovered part of the problem of my cluttering disease.   It’s a affliction called – TTONRO – The Theory Of Never Running Out.

It starts at an early age.  It’s why you always have to have three pairs of pyjamas.   One to wear, one for the wash and one for best, in case you have to go into hospital in a rush.

It is the direct opposite to the Japanese theory of just in time – TTOJIT.    That has you living on the edge, ever in fear of running out.

The path in between the two approaches is what leads to excess.  It explains a lot.   It is why you have cupboards.  Cupboards are to store all the things you don’t need right now.   Most of the time you don’t need many things, hence all the cupboards!

But there is a problem with cupboards.  When they are not full you need more stuff, just in case you run out of anything.   And when they are full, you need more  cupboards.

That’s  TTONRO for you.    Funny the little thoughts you wake up with sometimes😀

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5 Responses to TTONRO

  1. Well, here it is!!! The sponsor of this site “skin tags and molds cream” has won the day??? When i read this “tosh” by the learned JOHN, and open my cupboards, especially those with grey cells within them? I just wonder, am i ‘ vacant’ stupid, forgetful, or just thankful it is the start of a new day?? And my eyes will not deceive me, when i open our cupboard doors to see a vacuum cleaner, a tin of polish, and hark the mystical voice of Molly, informing myself to get on with my household chores?? But hark all is not plain sailing, as i open another cupboard door i see, esspy a washing basket full of ironing to do, and as i slump with rounded shoulders into the bedroom, our ”alibarber’ calls out to be emptiedted, the cycle of life starts again, and I must not be downtrodden, but i must listen to the voice of an Angel-Molly, and for light relief grab my tablet and read John -utter tosh, boulderdash, and buy some of the sponsor cream to smooth out those rough patches of life???

  2. Alas do you know about those, these grey cells and many a memory, or should i say John,s memoirs. I have just reread for fun, John skeleton cupboard of old things stored on shelves, highlighted by the prompts at the head of this blog ” scrap page 7 followd by srap 21, and lead by clutter clutter!! Men of a few words, but long and lingering thoughts!!

  3. -“THUD”- as an acronym– The husbandry utter drivel??? — howz that? Not out?? As the umpire would or may respond!!

  4. Another acronym –“”CLOUD”=- CUPBOARD LOADS OF UTTER DRIVEL??? AGAIN HOWZS THAT??? A 6 or ‘not out’,??? You make the choice ttfn-!!!

  5. Walt Hopkins says:

    Ah, yes. The cupboard. Living in a Japanese home for a few days in the mid-70s (that was the date–not my own age, as it is now), I remember that each room was clear and empty. At night, cupboards would produce duvets and other things. During the day, a vase might hold a single flower. And then there was the “Western” room which had an overstuffed chair and a sofa and other “western” things crowding the room. I came back with the determination to live like that. I soon filled the cupboards–but the rest of the place remained crowded with Western stuff. Time to CTC–Clear Those Cupboards, as well as CTF–Clear The Floor.

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