LLLP Tidy Up Teddy Manifesto

BREXIT obviously isn’t going to happen very quickly, so the Last Laugh Looney Party is gearing up for the European Parliamentary Elections by preparing its Manifesto.  Everyone seems to be saying that we should have a softer BREXIT, so the LLLP has come up with a master stroke of enlisting the help of Teddies.    This is based on the idea that a group of Teddy Bears are likely to be just as effective as a whole parliament of European MPs.   The next contribution from a GrumbleSmiles character – Tidy Up Teddy.

To start with, Tidy Up Teddy would give all the European MPs a hug and tell them to stop arguing with each other.

Next Tidy Up Teddy would suggest that they scrap all their regulations and start again after Britain has exited.    That way they can have as many regulations as they like in future but none of them will apply to the UK.

Tidy Up Teddy would suggest that there are no cuddly toy regulations so that Teddies can do what they like, when they like.    They also suggest that the Europeans should be much kinder to animals and stop eating horses.

Finally, Tidy Up Teddy suggests, that there should be an annual European Convention for cuddly toys.   This should be set up on an all expenses paid basis with funds provided by the European Commission to celebrate the final exit of Britain from the European experiment.

Oh and one more thing, on behalf of the Steiff Teddies that come from Germany, Tidy Up Teddy wants to say “will you stop pinning labels in our ears”.

Tidy Up Teddy says :-

“Votes for Teddies make happy people”


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4 Responses to LLLP Tidy Up Teddy Manifesto

  1. Alealuia what a pickle?? Teddy is issuing terms of love to all the EU, Westminister politicians,boosted by the recent UK local [England] elections, my mind turns to mischief, and if i vote in the LAST LOONIE PARTY FOR “Teddy”i feel as if in a way i am voting for “proverbial “”daisy chains” and all that may imply???
    Reason, understanding and common sense is what is required, not incestuous lovemaking.
    Teddy as a toy is honest, as a politician” bent as a 9 bob NOTE’?????

  2. Dear oh dear!! Elections???? They bring out the best and the worst in me! I must apologise if ‘Teddy’ feels jilted, and there again the elected. Politicians in Westminster feel chastised, but, or however: the LLLP for these forthcoming EU elections to my mind have my sincerest attention to the ” matters at hand!
    What i did propose was an alternative candidate of the “ABSTAINER PARTY” AS a canidate??? But that is a cowards way out of indecision!,and as a responsible citezen over 21 i have a vote, and the rghtt to use that vote!!! This i am going to do, with gusto, and on the 31 october 2019, i trust i will have made the right choice???
    Onward and upward goes the saying, and while Westminster dilly daily around, failing to explain to
    me in simply laymans terms what are the pluses +s and the negatives -s for the BREXIT vote, or motion?? I remain unmoved and utterly bewildered????

  3. Now then the significance of 31 October, ghosties and ghouls, and all things that scream and shout out in the night!!! And there again what is done is done for “BREXIT”, WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT???? until the 1st. November— All Saints Day, when all will be revealed, I trust with lots of rationale and even more common sense???
    God bless our politicians????

  4. Ok as originally an “abstainer”, i move as a Ragamuffin we introduce another candidate to the LLLP EU “hustlings” ‘THE CHESHIRE CAT’ MAY it smile at any proposals made, and offer a cheesee grin to any reader, or beholder of a vote, whether sensible or nonsensical.

    Upwards and onwards, i am unable to offer a photograph or sketch, the image is all in the mind???
    As alice. May have thought as she passed the cheshire cat???

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