Peak Socks !

I exhausted myself with de-cluttering for most of 2018.    In fact the tide of clutter seems to have come back in.   😹☹️😫😩

If you have read my earlier blogs on this subject (you can find them by clicking on “Clutter” in the TAG CLOUD) , you will know I was very proud of my sock drawer.   It is only a small thing in a small drawer, but in it I had reached a good standard of tidiness.  A small but significant symbol of what could be achieved 😇

Sadly over the last year somehow the socks have crept up on me again. I believe I am now back to peak socks ! * 

It leads to indecision in your half-asleep early mornings, dithering over which socks to put on.   The thick ones or the thin ones.   The black ones or the fawn ones or even the green ones if I can find them.     Maybe I will wear the ones I had on yesterday ?    Wasting at least 5 minutes of every day over socks that most people don’t see anyway.

But that’s just socks, you can repeat this story about trousers and shirts and jumpers and shoes and jackets.   It can take half an hour of every day to achieve a level of sartorial elegance.  Then when I finally emerge my wife will say “You are not going out in that are you?”

* I wrote a blog about the theory of “Peak Stuff” earlier this year.  Essentially it is saying that as a society many people have now acquired more than enough things to meet their needs and as a result the overall economy might slow down.  Obviously I’ve got more than enough socks, shirts and ties etc, and by this theory I may never need to buy any more ever.  If you do buy more, “Peak Stuff ” rolls over into clutter.  In turn, as you still acquire more things, clutter reaches a stage of “Peak Clutter”.

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2 Responses to Peak Socks !

  1. Just an idle thought?? As you ceremonially undress from your nightwear i have a question for you personally?
    Viz, do you completely unrobe, stand like a man or image of a man in front of the mirror, admire the ” bits and pieces” have that occasional scratch, or do you serupticiously cast off ones night garments one at a time, and then dress the torso {so manly} , bit by bit, so the nether regions are not embaressed by the mirrors image??
    As for those socks, are they the first item to be adorned, to save ones tootsies feeling the cold floor?
    All these thoughts at some ungodly hour in the morning?? Or are you “Rip van Winkle” dressed in a night gown [night shirt]? , who sleeps in?Again just an image,
    Question how are you when you bend over to pull on those socks? I suffer from ‘ dizziness as i take a deep breath in, then exhale and bend down to engage both my brain and sock to the correct foot!,,
    Old age is a bugger, but the LLLP is utter salvation to events going on at present in the UK.

  2. Well!!, i never, earlier on talking of peak subjects the sponsor of the website blog was atv vita some american e-company flogging securirty packages for your, or ones web based appliance ,- telephone, computer, tablet etc. All at a peak price of $19 if one signed up.
    Back to the blog and peaks?? I just wonder what as a uk citizen our national parks are like? Talking of PEAKS, DALES AND VALLEYS AND MOUNTAINS not forgetting THE GLENS?? ARE THEY all cluttered, like johns drawers [DRAWS- full of detritous?? I just wonder].
    Never mind all this clutter, and refreshing, to complete, washing , ironing and finallyy putting away into drawers, cupboards, and those tidy corners.
    Ah, life, full of “peaks and troughs.

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