Depressed Birds

Just a week ago I was writing about too many older people being prescribed anti-depressants to combat loneliness.  (See “Quick Fix Depression” by clicking on Pills in the TAG CLOUD).

GP’s don’t change their habits easily, so I don’t expect anything to happen as a result of the Health Minister’s exhortations to cut back on prescriptions.   Although tranquilizing old people is one way to stop them grumbling all the time.

There is one thing that might force a change of approach.    A study of starlings at York University found that exposure to Prozac reduced their sex drive.      A unique and essential piece of research !

Apparently, starlings are attracted to sewage plants to feed because of all the insects.   We all know older people pee a lot and combined with excessive use of anti-depressants, this is causing a build up of  Prozac in the sewage system.    This then attracts lots of insects who no doubt get high on the Prozac.    Then the unsuspecting starling population gobbles up the insects, little knowing that this is going to ruin their sex life.   Hence less starlings.

This could lead to an environmental disaster.    Birds first then there will be no bees.  And where would we be without the birds and the bees ?

Who on earth would have thought of doing this excellent piece of research on sewage plants and starlings’ sex lives???   Perhaps this will finally persuade the Government to do something about the over-prescribing of pills to old people 😀

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2 Responses to Depressed Birds

  1. Wiseowl said the old buzzard
    ‘Depressed Birds’ Well I never said the wise old owl: who is this ‘’old buzzard’’ what is he feeling?? or playing with [ its all in the memory bank or mind ? somewhere]. Has this old buzzard tweeting so amorously about sewage plants/insects/prozac, and the ruination of ones personal sex life, most concerned of what was? If only? He can remember?
    The research piece by York University I will have to search Out, as I am intrigued by ‘how long does a starling have a sex life?? am I for instance missing out on that ‘UREAKA moment’’ of passion? All I can do these days is read, consider, and then comment: such that what are our academics studying with the fees they collect form the pupils attending their academic halls of intelligence/information??
    PS it is all shonet sir, and I am wetting myself with anticipation? The government?? we we vote for the enlighten souls, they are our—- souls/ Please wash your hands,as the IZAL toilet paper used to advise.
    I am off to trace this little know bit of research by the bugermisters of York, bye

    • I have just browsed the York University site, and am intrigued by the study of birds, and water with pharmaceuticals contain there within?
      I beg to ask a more fundamental question ?
      All rivers within this world of ours rise in the hills, and fall to the sea-yes? Now the starlings birds are affected by the waters alleged, harmful pharmaceutical levels:: Stop think again? within the western world on a river water for drinking/cooking purposes is drawn off from many points on the rivers travel from its source to the sea, and waste water-liquid sewage[all be it treated is eject into the river at many points down stream of a drinking water source and treated? yes? I ask one does this continual use reuse of water cause the proportion/percentage of pharmaceuticals to be increased within the human race? besides are friendly study of birds and the food chain.
      And on reaching the sea are all harmful elements reduced to harmless salts and the such like. York is half way between the rise of water in the dales and the fall to the sea as the humber: should not the studies concentrate on the effects of pharmaceuticals in the river at the source then york and at sea off the Humber,, after the chemical refinery plants on the lower reaches to make the study more enlightening???
      Do not forget the influx of the ‘Trent’ and the area this covers from source to outfall before joining the HUMber.

      answers on a postcard please? normal address.

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