Dignity be damned again !

Care homes are again in the headlines.     The Daily Mail has once again raised its campaigning banner “Dignity for the Elderly”.  It’s been a very long and wholly ineffective effort.   It started way back in 2010, when I first began this blog and it has periodically popped back into the headlines ever since.  ( You can follow my earlier posts by clicking on “Dignity be Damned”  in the Tag Cloud ).

I have never been convinced about the campaign, it has been half-hearted, spasmodic and wrongly directed.    You have to wonder if the Daily Mail really cares or are just trying to sell a few more newspapers.

In the early years the campaign was full of outrage and celebrities.   Michael Parkinson lead the cause and was even crowned ‘Dignity Champion’.   But he gave up quite quickly and moved on to selling funeral plans !   The Government set up a Commission which wrote a lot and recommended a lot after several years of study and then quietly faded away.

The latest revival, eight years on, is all about the high cost of residential  care, with a sprinkling of outcry about the poor quality.  But, it’s  still not dawned that it is not about “Dignity” it is about abuse and shameful exploitation of vulnerable older people.

Residential Care has always been a “go-away” solution.   Successive Governments over the last forty years have wished the problem of frail older people would go away.    The ever-growing numbers of our older population have made the issue a financial nightmare, exacerbated by the high levels of dementia.    But, the problem still won’t go away!

It’s not just the Governments that are to blame, they are ultimately in the hands of the electorate.   Since every solution requires more money the politicians know they won’t get re-elected by suggesting expensive answers.   Particularly ones that cost the children of the old people their inheritance, although I am not sure they are right about this.  I’m sure the majority of children would wish their mother or father, who has to go a care environment, a happy life in older age and would certainly accept that they may have to pay more to cover the cost of this.

So the problem continues.   The bottom line is that society as a whole wishes the problem of old people would “go away”.  The long awaited Green Paper on social care, has been postponed for more than a year, but we are promised it will be published before the end of this year.  Don’t hold your breath and don’t expect too much!



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2 Responses to Dignity be damned again !

  1. Damneddignity
    The old bald eagle has done it again? I have had to read the ‘king James bible to see who comes first? The old timer ‘MOSES or Solomon, and I am still confused??
    I agree the elderly in the UK are mere pawns, in the political climate; except when their voting effect is required! Nowadays the voting majority are in excess of 55 years of age, still working, some of us, and all of us because of our past forefathers in good mental and physical health, and are now the majority of the voting UK public are alert to and alive to modern mental health problems, and have the mental attitude to reason and listen to a reasoned discussion! Gone our the days of senile dementia [until in the late 70+’s in the vast majority of the elderly voting UK Public:However we have witnessed our own parents struggle through WWII, the 60’s and the state supporting them in housing and health, and now we have reach a vulnerable age when a pension is not a ‘right until 70+ ‘and in some cases employment well into the 70’s is a necessity? We still have to survive, and with being in a 70+ age group- supported living is now a must, and into our 80+? This is essential!
    The question as John has stated who ‘’PAYS’’ with the complications of an open door immigration policy/state support for life in the 1960/ the financial crisis of the early 2000’s we as a nation, must make some hard headed decisions, and look positively into the next generations of citizens of the 2060’s + These are our children/dependants and the mode of living and rules we hold close to our hearts in our younger life, may not be sufficient to support them in their old age? So what can be done?
    WE have to encourage the younger parents to provide, a home, educate and feed the young, and yet employment and defence [military and socially] for all during this process of living: We have to respect one and other, and work in a climate that attracts the majority of each of us, such that we share each of our individual ideals such as monies and income/land-home/ defence/trade, and service are done in a honourable manner, such that we all benefit to a proportion of what we put into life, without being a persons who takes out of a financial situation/social situation/ or an event which causes a large imbalance, during a life time.
    As John goes on! We cannot do it as a person, but as an individual we can vote, and influence societies attitudes to ‘care and living in our own desired social nation.

  2. A mere rider to add? did you the reader watch last nights itv programme, broadcast at 20.00 hours ”Martyn Lewis Money Programme”? The programme moved so fast I was unable to drink in all the financial information at my delicate age in the ;mid; 70’s. {The influence of BRITEX on savings/mortgage/house prices? and then those Christmas ‘Black Friday bargins, or NOT?}’.
    Being a bit long in the tooth, I am happy with a smile and a gracious thank you at Christmas time. It all brought home too me that one must live within ones means, and whether savings/house/mortgage/ or a purchase, or even a gift to within or without the family, one must accept as a loss of a ‘kind!’ and be satisfied with the transaction that it was completed in good faith ”’One cannot cry over spilt milk”.

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