High Price of Dignity

Following on from my last weeks post about the under funding of Residential Care comes a contrasting viewpoint.    A headline in The Guardian —— “Scandal Of UK’s worst Care Homes Revealed”.

The article reports on an investigation carried out by the paper into the finances of the companies that run the 220 Care Homes rated inadequate by the Care Quality Commission.     Far from being impoverished,by being unable to charge higher fees,  just three small companies were making £113 million pre-tax profits !

There is nothing new in these headlines, they could have been written about any number of Residential Care companies anytime in the last twenty years.

There is no question that many homes are struggling financially because Social Services fees have been held down for so long.  But, not every home is in that situation.   Homes making vast profits have no excuse for delivering poor quality care, nor having low staffing levels, nor paying minimum wages.

The Care Quality Commission have a  duty to understand a Care Homes financial viability and should tackle head on any home delivering inadequate care while at the same time making huge profits.

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2 Responses to High Price of Dignity

  1. stones and glasshouses comes to mind?? reading the article! I just wonder those over 65 years of age looking for future lifestyle living, and then again if one is in ones mid 70’s what then, and even more telling what if one is 80+’s and still active in mind but the body is unable to deliver the responses of the mind?
    Question for one?? how do you solve this attitude of mind?? Not me needs help but those others over there, and then how does one have a mixed ability both mentally and physically alert to daily life and its problems of living a clean decent life style???
    It is a difficult subject, and reading the report those care establishments at the bottom of the cqc league, are basically dealing with what you and I may term the ”Great unwashed and unwanted in society”? WE have to think and think hard what we wish for as we grow older within society and then fight for that we may believe in!
    In my opinion : I enjoy the mixed ability of age, mental and physical health related to growing more elderly, and one has to pay for care and support as one may require it. The key to a good retirement complex is to encourage an active age policy, with reserves for active volunteering from residents to assist in running past times and activity groups, and then a strong support staff to assist those who may require various levels of mental and physical care-But not to become a centre of the different types of age complaint such as [Immobility/dementia/and other debilitating ailments] The care complex should reflect a typical population, not highlight one of the needs in preference to another! This is a difficult tightrope to walk, and to finance these wishes takes us all to look deeply into our future, if we are approaching retirement? At some times we will need all the assets and support that the care industry can provide? But do not let us as individuals become a factory product such a tin of beans, with no individuality of who we are??
    We all dream, we can make it a reality if we make and active choice during our life, and not just drift about wishing others to give us an old age we may not wish for???

  2. oh yeah oh! yeah! Once again the calendar crawls along? the date this Friday will be 30th. November 2018, and we are then into December 2018,and ‘Christmas’/ plus a possible promising ”New year 2019”? Where has all that time gone? For a minute or two, I just wish to roll back the carpets of time and ‘SMILE’ and wish all the readers, contributors of this #BLOG# ” A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”: and a cup of kindness to all my old memories and a very productive and thoughtful ‘Hogmanay’ to those where ever they may be?– Cheers!!! May your God bless you all.–

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