Sugar Confusion ?

Don’t go to Chicago if you have got a sweet tooth.  The American Alzheimer’s Association has just declared that consuming two and a half teaspoons of added sugar a day raises the risk of you developing Dementia by 54% !

If you are someone that follows the adage that “ a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”, you may be building up a bigger problem  for yourself.   So I should forget that idea.   There again, if you have already forgotten it, then perhaps it is too late for you.

Confused or what?  Take a pill or get more ill.   You decide.

I’ve been regularly writing about pills since I started this blog, and as long ago as 2011, I wrote a blog called “Sugaring the Pill”.  It seems that not a lot as changed.  (You can find all these posts by clicking on “Pills” in the TAG CLOUD).


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4 Responses to Sugar Confusion ?

  1. this is a week of gentle reflection, after the heady weeks of move to the country and equity release, where one has been gently asked/requested to think with the head!
    This week we have to contemplate those vitamin supplements, and ones daily dose of pills one is required to keep on ticking over in this life? For some dementia is around the corner, and it takes time to think to come to terms with what one actually believes is a quality of life?

  2. a whisper I heard was that the ”SAGA” magazine this week /month 1st week October-last week September, was running a feature on retirement homes for the aged, with annuity bonuses?????
    Being yorkshire strong in the arm thick in the head i do not pay my subscription!!! If I hear I will come back: Do you learned one have notion of such a informative piece? HHEEE!!

  3. I trust John you have taken your mournings pill?? Poor lad, your web site has been upstaged in my humble opinion!
    Until today apart from a minor mishap your ”BLOG” Smiles and grumbles John Graham however entered on the weB [BING or google] your monogrammed comes up first however presented {OBE- noted to identify}.
    Now today there is a google listing still under your smiles and grumble John Graham OBE, BUT listed is the following blog” images of smiles and grumbles john graham” and I note if I enter the site they appear to have cannibalized your sons cartoons from your blog site cataloged them? Interesting is this a passive view point or an abuse of copyright? Are you aware. Dear BING and Google and their customers appear to wish your premier position of the title ”SMILE AND GRUMBLES JOHN GRAHAM OBE to be subsumed into a lesser position of prominence.
    I am intrigued and a mere user of the web? The intrigue and politics of who, whom or what is in a title of a blog is lost on me: However I cherish my friends and friendly web sites that attract my attention and comments.
    Its the sugar confusion blog! not the gardning blog? It is I eclair! who is on the weeds.

  4. I just wonder who has swolled the sugary pill this week, and who had it last week??? Politicking down to a fine art! all those young bloods, the future of the UK and the horse trading, Neigh-braying about ‘BREXIT’ and who should be leader/ or who should be PM, I just wonder?? Not a mention of the grey haired sector of the british voting public? I just wonder if we will be feed bones and crumbs to live off and expected to vote not for what we wish for, but as the ”glue” that holds the fabric of British society together, when the going gets tough??
    Dream on Mc Duff we need a leader, or at least a leaders speech of encouragement??? Please!!

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