Social Prescribing

We have got a new Health Secretary, Matthew Hancock and he is full of new ideas.   Well they are old ideas really.    SOCIAL PRESCRIBING, remember these two new buzzwords, they are about to revolutionise care of older people in the NHS.   That’s if you believe Matthew Hancock 🙂

Go to see your GP from now on and you won’t get a pill for all ills.   Instead you will be told to go to the cinema and watch the latest blockbuster movie ——- something like Fantastic Beasts 2 or Aqua Man or Oceans 8 —– just the sort of thing that would appeal to older people.    Or your GP might suggest you go for a walk, a very long walk, never mind your poorly feet.   Oh and don’t come back, to the surgery that is.    Or perhaps bingo is your thing, we all know old people like bingo and now your GP might even prescribe it for you.  Or if you can find one, go for a day out on a bus with your free bus pass, which you can now get with your free prescription.   It looks like cinemas, bingo halls and buses will be jammed full of older people before long, all clutching their free prescriptions.

Longer term, maybe just before the next election, Mr Hancock is working on another idea to reduce costs in the NHS and solve the country’s immigration problem, all in one new swoop.   “Happy holidays” on prescription.   Free flights to anywhere in Europe, then you can claim welfare benefits in the country you are staying in.  Oh and you will need a visa to get back into the UK.    There is a 58 page application form online at

You can already tell that Matthew Hancock is brimming with great new ideas for older people.  He must have spent time in the Last Laugh Looney Party 🙂

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4 Responses to Social Prescribing

  1. Alex Robinson says:

    Actually, the Health Secretary’s ideas seem to have a sound base – no matter how frivolous you try to make them sound. The idea of getting out and about for exercising and socialising sound good to me. Busy people interacting with others tend to lead to happier people. Happier people tend to be healthier people. You have always advocated older people living together in communities where they can be independent and active in a safe environment. This seems to complement that concept well. How many older people go to the doctor with a supposed ailment when what they really want is company and a chat? – just half an hour of human contact. Perhaps we should add to the list Hancock’s half hour?

  2. Oh, dear! I appreciate the comment made above, with heart felt thanks.
    I wish to add my own contribution below, I hope it is not too ‘black in its outlook?’
    Dear Oh Dear! I am one of your faithfully lackies? For my sins I highlighted the web site quoted in your ‘Blog’ at first no response, but then with a little help/nudge from the search engine on the web!- website highlighted in blue ‘’try me’’ and the question is this what one is looking for? It did not have the tailspin-but it did deliver me a few addresses I COULD READ?
    I scrolled down the list and took John’ one way trip to heart either to the land of my desires, or to help some £10 pom, of UK migrant return to the land of their birth? So I chose travel insurance- What a mistake no easy instruction here just plenty of form filling electronically, with I suspect a financial commitment at the end, and then an ‘accept or reject button’? TOO late the web has your sensitive details to ‘cloud’ one out with other social and commercial gimmickry? { Words fail me- but I must blaspheme at his point, anglo saxon preferred}.
    Next I considered my options as a ‘Turkey’ doing the ‘trots’ to some damned tune Teresa May had at the ‘CON Conference?- money money money! Or it my waterloo? The politically correct and Mr Hancock – no relation to hancocks half hour, and the shrieks of laughter that brought to an audience? With his as per alleged quote above by John for the golden oldies, and the ‘’Pierre resistance’’[spelling], the fact doctors are according to the daily mail Sat 6 Oct 2018? doing trialing with group therapy for the golden oldies, so we all moan and groan in unison, and integrity/privacy and confidentiality have been thrown out of the window, so our world is in turmoil, and our future and well being being determined by possible spivs an financial fraudsters who can obtain all our most inner most thoughts, secrets and ailments, as the older person enjoys a good natter, and what is more pleasing than some one who listens? But can the leader of that group and holder of that group [doctor/nurse/support worker/cleaner?], or indeed the said scenario? Be trusted with such erudite and sensitive information.
    Do we need a man of the cloth at such meetings? Can he lead us into salvation, or just to the pearly gates, or the fires of hadies? I wonder? Do you wonder, or is it too late? As that rhyme goes- too late too late its past my knees, it must have been the peas I had last Sunday, and so on: but you have the gist I hope I have messed my pants/draws.

  3. How about two ends of the ‘spectrum’ into growing old?? remember -”Silverville” and now the latest ”Old peoples home for 4 year old’s”.
    The first program broadcast in 2009/10 by BBC TV 2 and researched by the ‘OPen University’ and now this new program with oldies and youngsters together by Channel 4 TV researched by ‘Aston University’. Taken together both programs have an insight into old age, but not how to live life, and put in to life! what you may get out? They are both to my mind passive programs.

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