Move to the Country – 4

Every year Prudential publishes its Retirement Quality of Life Index for England and Wales.   It is eagerly awaited by thousands of older people because it tells you the best place to live if you want a happy, healthy life.

There is a bit of a problem, however, they keep changing their advice.    In May 2010 Prudential advocated Dorset, but two years later, Somerset was top of their list.     Later in 2017,  Berkshire became the best place to go.     Now, West Sussex heads up the index.  (See other posts on this subject by clicking on “Demographics” in the TAG CLOUD).

This is a blinking nuisance unless you have a mobile home.  What’s more, all that moving every few years can get a bit stressful.  It also costs a fortune in removal fees and all that lifting can’t do your back any good.  Especially with all the clutter we have to move from house to house.

I have a better solution.  The GrumbleSmiles Mass Migration would involve everyone over 65 living in the South of England moving to the North of England !    I know the climate may be a bit cooler and wetter, but the lower property values would allow people to release substantial equity with which to live the high life.


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5 Responses to Move to the Country – 4

  1. what wonderful information you have at your finger tips john? No mention then of warmer climbs such as the Caribbean or Spain, Argarve, or the canaries or Maderia, by this piece of yours by the PRU? Have we all spent or pennies at the door of the travelling salesmen who sold us these life insurance policies?
    Now we dream, and live reality! All the places mentioned within the UK have their beauty spots such as the pimple on your chin??? They are great to admire.

  2. I note no mention of the oldies wishing to downsize and reside in a ‘Retirement Village” environment, with the vision of what life may be like, when one has to blankly look at the wall, with no family to relieve the social isolation of what later life could or may become??
    Even in older life one has to think on ones feet, so that the memories or dreams of the ”man from the pru” become at a a reality!!!

  3. ps are we all ‘hayseeds’ and wanton of intelligence?

  4. Epistle

    I need a moment to drift and dream? The title of this blog! And its content has brought me up by the

    ‘short and curles’?

    Move to the country? I am but an armchair critic, and telly watcher? I enjoy the following programmes, in any order?-: escape to the country, grand design, and winter/summer sun-home and away. For the younger viewer’s, I applaud them a decision made at an important part of their personal life styles, and to be enjoyed.

    I QUESTION the older person, and ask at what stage in life is care/support/independent living a consideration, as one may glance look at ones life in the “”Naughty Nineties” and beyond?

    At retirement age or as it approached for me personally there were options, and opportunities which I took the time to review! Within my part of the uk/england there were various operators of retirement housing schemes, both commercial council and then charity based. They offered from small 12 independent residencies with a warden [private or community/council based]: or residential homes with maybe 40/65 residents in various accommodation arrangements, but with communal eating and lounge facilities during the daytime, and a warden staff arrangement. Then there was the full blown care home with attendant staff 24 hours per day as support. These operator’s offering these facilities could be private/council in the main, and the considerations one had to give was, ?? Did one either have the financial backing if one selected one of these schemes, or did one have the opportunity to be considered and selected for one of the schemes supported by the local council.

    Should one have the assets and monies, in the “”piggie bank”” then these thoughts and opportunities are, or may be irrelevant, at the point of retirement? However as one dashes in to one 80’s, be unfortunate to suffer either a health / mobility, or loss of a partner, or infirmity of a partner, and have the need for care and support? One may ask what next? domicilary care in the home, companion, or even nursing care in the home? Has one the financial support and the assets?

    Yesterday on the inner pages of the ‘Daily Mail’ was such a piece highlighting care in the late 80’s of ones life, if one did not have the assets? Very sobering !!!![Monday 24 september2018]

    One now comes to the benefits and pitfalls of a retirement village concept offered by charitable organisation. The villages are basically offered as independent living, with self contained, one and two bedroom apartments, kitchen wetroom/toilet and sitting room. Thre are some 250+ upto 300 apartments, social facilities [large hall/ gymnasium/ cafe-bar meeting area in social surroundings/it facilities/ craft facilities- woodwork shop, restaurant open to all residents and the family shops and friend’s, and the public.-a unisex hairdressers, a convenience store]. The residents and management combine throughout by actively supporting the acts of volunteering by residents and friends of the village to run and organise activities and social gatherings [dances/shows/cabaret/ yoga/card game evenings and more events should the village activities request or demand].

    I have highlighted these points as the village concept also offers domicillary care which in my humble opinion support the concept of the charity “”a home for life”, which is its ethos “ independent living a home for life!!!!

    This village concept In my opion is supported and encouraged by the numbers involved, some 250+apartment with some maybe 350+ elderly persons at 65 years and over actively volunteering and taking an active part in village daily life. Provided the concepts of an active lively village are

    followed by the staff and resident, encouraged by the charity benefactors, then this life style I made with my wife some 15 years ago , has been made without regret, and full fills our life’s enjoyment.

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