Pill Rationing

I seem to be addicted to writing about pills and it is obviously catching. Because as fast as I write about it more and more articles appear in the media on the same topic.  (You can read all my earlier posts by click on “Pills” in the Tag Cloud)

So the NHS is finally putting its foot down.    There will be less pills from now on,    At least on prescription.   You will be encouraged —- no —- told to go buy them yourself from the local chemist.

In future you will no longer be able to get pill for all ills from your GP. Take your itches and aches to the pharmacist first and they will certainly sell you something.   It is just a matter of time before they start doing over the counter or even on the counter heart transplants.

“I was sorry to hold up all the other customers for so long” said MILLY, “I only came in to get something to perk me up.  I didn’t expect to end up on the operating counter”

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2 Responses to Pill Rationing

  1. It took a while to understand the numerical sign board meaning, at my delicate age? However:i doubt if they bundle the pills 2.4.1. They just want the cash?
    As fo an operation! Well wallets and purses first; please? And then 2.4.1 with the local funeral home? Or is this just an idle and mischievous thought? A thought too far?
    Wakey wakey as Billy Cotton would say, come in Alann Breeze and sing us all another song, a little more cheerfully.
    May may have the answer, but wait i hear the grey suits in the cupboard chatting?, maybe MAY may have a solution? I hope so!!

  2. iglengel says:

    Love your brand of humor. Where do you come up with your cartoon ideas and who does the drawings for you? Keep up the good work. Always a pleasure reading your posts.

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