Deaf Ears

A report published by Exeter University and Kings College London attracted a front page headline in The Times this week.

It was about a study of over 25,000 older people and it concluded that those who wore hearing aids performed better in memory tests, concentration and reaction times.

The results were presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Los Angeles. That must have been a nice trip for some lucky researchers 😀.

The implication of this is that people with age-related hearing loss would be less likely to get dementia if they got a hearing aid .

It is certainly true from my experience that a great many older people suffer from hearing loss and gradually become more and more isolated as a result. Unfortunately the NHS audiology services seem to be under-resourced and audiology is increasingly left to the private sector. This has a reputation for expensive sales techniques, so many older people shy away from them.

If the research is correct a more accessible and inexpensive audiology service would potentially prevent more dementia cases.

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2 Responses to Deaf Ears

  1. What is new in this study? It does not scientifically state what can cure the onset of deafness??
    Is it lack of health care- wax in the ears/ burst ear drums/ mastoid? Or there again can deafness be improved by ear/brain implants, or ear hearing aids that transpose the spoken word on to a spectacle frame of such design that it can be read? The problem here would it would have to be unidirectional so that the ”chatter” within a crowd does not confuse the actual recipient of the speakers location.
    Or again is deafness the problem or Alzheimer’s/dementia the question of just old age? Are we all now becoming of a common age group 86+ and can we in our scientific minds redesign the human embryo with traits while within the womb defeat or reduce the effects of old age. Who plays ‘GoD’ should one believe there is one?
    I think we all have to become more considerate, and compassionate to each other, in this society of ours, and study nature carefully as a society. The society needs to be rounded with all age groups involved to promote ultimate living? { providing, food/security/successors/ and a record of experiences of life such that our successors cannot make the same basic mistakes}.
    AS on has lived life and is now reaching the twilight of life, and the eventual call of the ‘grim reaper’, one may have to face many problems, and burdens. How to solve them, is for us all to ask each other, and oneself in particular- Have I been honest, faithful and true in my lifetime with my family and friends? and gently rock in the deck chair in dreamland, with the best help society can offer one, as social recompense? Do one get out what one put in? Is life fair?? answers on a postcard please.

  2. Health
    Question for onesself?- What was the intention of THE National Health and Social Welfare Acts-Bills of 1948??
    Britain the UK and Commonwealth has a new Political Party and Prime Minister, and we all [our forefathers/mothers] had fought in a World War for freedom! The UK was still under the effects of rationing,[which was a calculation on nutritional values, and limits-equally spread between all citizens! Unless one traded on the ‘black market’?]-What was Mr Atlees[Prime Ministers Main concern], was it to restore the productivity of the UK after we had spent all the major investments in armaments, and defence of the UK and Commonwealth? What was needed We had rationing and the population were all required to work a full working week to help the nation and us as individuals to survive. The social or one of the social solutions, besides housing for the masses at a subsidised rate was to ensure the fitness and well being of the working population in the UK and to this end, the National Health Service[NHS], was created, and as a population we were thankful for the investment and foresight.
    That was in 1948, now we are in 2019 and the average of the UK population is in the older age limits, and that the alleged excess money that can be spent is within this group of elderly citizens of the UK.
    This group socially of the population have spent a lifetime paying donating monies to National Insurance, which allegedly pays for the NHS and Social Welfare, and now after enjoying a NHS with no financial barriers for emergency treatments, have to face old age, and the reality of the question is the NHS self sufficient and financially viable???
    So back to the origination of the NHS and the Social Welfare Bill, what in to days language 2019 do we make the priority for the NHS and Social Welfare???
    Answers on a post card Please- to the usual address.

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