I am ossifying like a stone,

turning into a calcified bone.

I need a Project,

something to do.




Something worthwhile,

not a time filler.


a new-skill challenge,





More than a book to read,

less than an Everest.

I have climbed my mountains,

now I just need a hill.


Ideas on a postcard please ? ? ? ? ? ?

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11 Responses to Stone

  1. Mo Graham says:

    I’ve got some ideas for you John. How about taking on a Project to revamp our cottage? There’s plenty of things I can think of to keep you occupied. I quite fancy a new kitchen and remodelling of the bathroms just for starters. Or go buy a property at Auction to do up and sell. This could be the start of a whole new career as a Property Developer.

    Not expecting you to physically do any of this work yourself I hasten to add, but both things would suit your project management skills gained during your previous life as an Architect….

    ….if neither of the above appeals, have you thought about taking up golf??? xx

    • Dear MO, How does one forgive? He that is John, needs a swift kick up the posteria

    • Phill Hulme says:

      Dear Mo

      I have x3 projects for John called Martha, Freddie & Rosie. They work in progress with their projects already running for 12, 10 & 5 years already.

      Happy to assist in any Property related projects, free of charge. I owe John plenty!

      Kind Regards


      • there is a blast from the past! Phil Molly and I send you best wishes in your life after Extracare. We remember, you well and your leadership for the then task of the sales team for the ‘LOVAT FIELDS Village in 2005-2007.
        Suggesting Dear John can bury himself in a project of property for the three people you mention is very noble: However maybe he may need time chewing tobacco, spitting out the remnants, and coming up with fresh thoughts. on how ‘US Oldies” can be guided into a safe secure life in our dotage? All Though to speak he has all ready achieved that ‘goal’, and the question maybe, a thought or two, of how or what one does in society when the average age of citizenship drops below that of an old age pension? and how are the younger generation and their offspring housed in a secure and safe environment, with a good social and health support.
        The future has lots to offer, like dear John, a gentleman who thinks on his feet, and acts for the good of the community.

      • john graham says:

        Hi Phill,
        Nice to hear from you. I suggested to Mo that maybe we should have three more kids, but, she didn’t seem too keen on the idea 😀

  2. Dear Post card! Yeah, yeah, Petrified, I am scared, in fact frightened out of my skin, and wits, What does one do with a edifice like you sir?
    You must have some skills left within you? as you say all you need is inspiration?. Not a cheeky chappie chiseling away at your demur and good character.
    When i have a minute or two I will respond! Good luck with your thoughts!!!

  3. ‘C’or’K’
    Question – “ is it a curly ‘C’ or a ‘Kicking ‘K’ do you know?? answers on a postcard please!
    Carved in stone, petrified and calcified what am I? a mouse or a man? That is the question dear John has asked of us all: what is the response.
    I gently reflect at 75+ about life, and while I am physically able to be mobile to a limited degree, and my mind is as sharp as a needle point: It is just that the body can not comply with the mind’s desires, in every aspect of life. However with in my mind I can dream, I can see my childhood, the tv and the man landing on the Moon [Niel Armstong], and my young and adult school and working life, and to some degree if my mind is correct? All those friends, acquaintances that I made throughout life, together with my very happy family and married life. I have no complaints just the most pleasant of ‘dreams’.
    A Project? This is my postcard to John.
    Does John wish to have a memorial to him, or the pleasure of a human thank you, or a quiet moment with himself and Mo is reflecting what they have achieved within their own lifetime.
    I am not one of John,s inner circle; however I have witnessed his passion and presentation during the last 16 years for giving the retired over 55+ from a personal point of view, as to what can be achieved with respect to living within a community/ estate that provides security, warmth, comfort, and physical support as on grows older.
    John’s vision for the elderly I suspect grew out of his aspirations to design , build and see occupied, originally developed out of the Coventry Churches Housing association the need to provide for the elderly of Coventry; a safe secure tenancy housing with compassionate support. John became involved in the Extracare ‘The Extracare Charitable Trust’ of Coventry=successors to the Coventry Church Housing Association’. This body the Extracare Charitable Trust developed Housing Schemes for the vulnerable and elderly in the UK Midlands area, and from this developed the ‘Extracare Retirement Village-Project’ to which I am now a resident in one of the 15+ retirement Villages which cover the geographical area of middle England-[From St. Helens in the north west to Sheffield in the east, Birmingham, Coventry, and towns in the midlands to Gloucestershire and Bristol area and then Buckinghamshire on the fringes of the London Commuter belt. Quite an undertaking.
    During my initial interest in The Extracare Charitable Trust, I became aware of John, and the many supporters and Staff of the Extracare Charitable Trust, and the vision of retirement living is to enjoy!
    John relived many tales of the older aged residents of the Housing Schemes reliving their youth and childhood dreams in activies such as:
    A Ride on the ‘Orient Express Train,
    Outdoor activities- Kyacking, pony trekking, rock climbing, absaieling, tank driving, and a ramble through the countryside.,
    Afternoon Tea at a posh venue–Dorchester London–
    Throughout these activities John was amazed at the requests, and then the actual par-taking in the activites, of those with less than normal mobility problems {wheelchair bound}, and their utter joy at being invited/encouraged to join in, and that smile on the face, when they had completed the challenge. Great!!!
    What John and the Extracare Charitable Trust has attained and still encourages is that; one is only restricted by ones own personal inhibitions, and as they say ‘Life is for Living’
    John has achieved a great deal, and as I try to think of some response to his blogg above and a ‘project’ all I can say is to encourage a community to come together, in safe secure surroundings, and then ‘Open the Doors and Windows and dream??? not the impossible dream? But those dreams of ones childhood, when communities went, out and around together for that day out? Forgetting for one day the toil and hard labour of earning a living and keeping ones family safe. Where did I go in my dreams? A local community on a bus/charabanc to the seaside for the day, an ice cream, sandwiches on the beach, that paddle in the sea, and a walk along the promenade.
    AS one is now in the 65+ age range it is that volunteering, support to a community and its many events to arrange both events and the organisation, and then finally to have a purpose if sufficient cash is raised to “ Treat for a day our older citezens of many a year”, to a memorable day out to somewhere of dreamland with an ‘Icecream’ and a donkey ride and a paddle by the sea.
    I have been lucky in life, my forefathers, mothers in the family and the whole community where aware personally of two world wars, and the personal losses, horrors, and hardships that they brought, and that a day out from the rigours of work with the family, neighbours, friends and work colleagues was a simple dream, but a most memorable occasion.
    John your Project I have but simple dreams, and you have given me these with the ‘Extracare Charitable Trust, now as I drink my half pint of bitter shandy, I say ‘cheers’ to you, and maybe enjoy a 99 ice cream with you one day in the future! Thank you John.

  4. iglengel says:

    Sounds too familiar! But somehow we do come up with other things/projects to keep us going! Good post! Rings so true, I am sure, for many of us.

  5. Dear John the key is enthusiasm, and time from those with time on their hands, within a community. It is a most rewarding fact not to be ‘flogged out” volunteer or Volunteers, but a motivated urge to do good within a local community, and for that community to appreciate the time spent, and the monies raised to make such community activities become a reality.
    It all takes time, planning and a deep appreciation of the thankless tasks completed to make that ;dream or dreams’? come true!

  6. when reading this mornings 17 July 2019 daily mail headlines–“Time to end the dementia care bills betrayal” I ideally drifted to thoughts of “what IF”, and Johns earlier blogs on that unsavory subject of the Swiss Clinic, and euthanasia.
    Are or is the media in the UK especially such sensational publishers as the Daily Mail, challenging the thought process of the UK Population, and the political elite? to the end that, One as an individual is asked what is the ‘Cost Of Ones Death’? is it to leave this mortal coil with what we came into it with-NOTHING- or is it to be able to bundle ones money and assets onward passing to ones family or loved one’s or as one’s personal wishes?
    At Birth we are all naked and equal: However our family or support arrangements are all different!
    WE process/proceed into later life based on our, or results of our behavior and actions, both to other people and their reaction to us personally. In the UK political system and beliefs , we have the ability to care for those less fortunate than the normal/average family, and enacted in parliament are Acts or Bills of Parliament where support in the form of monies, grants, and health care.
    With a screaming headline today such as the mail, one must ask, what is the reasonable cost to preserve life? Is there a limit to investment in personal life, and how do we as a nation the UK discuss and come to an ‘ethical’ conclusion on the price of life? Can we socially afford for us all to be Equal? or as we make our own way through life do we set our finial destiny??? who pays what??

  7. If there is to be a discussion I will eagerly look forward to any ideas.

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