Last week my post commented on the services that are being squeezed out of the NHS.    Now after a barrage of stories in the media over Christmas and into January about a ‘potential’ winter crisis a clear strategy is becoming clear.    Here are some of the emotive headlines:-

  • Doctors left in tears over ‘battlefield conditions’’
  • “Flue outbreak feared after jabs targeted wrong strain”
  • ”Take your elderly home to free beds”
  • ”Winter crisis cripples NHS”
  • “Doctor’s used as bouncers at A&E entrances”

Just in case there might be a flu epidemic or a mysterious norovirus outbreak, the newly formed Emergency Pressures Panel have cancelled all non-urgent operations and stationed specially trained bouncer doctors on the doors of A&E Departments to turn patients away.   The Health Secretary, Jeramy Hunt and the Prime Minister, Theresa Maynot, have both apologised to people who have had there operations cancelled.  They were almost in tears, but I expect they will get over it.

Of course if there is no flu outbreak in January at least the NHS will have saved a lot of money.   Or Maybe not ?     There again, if the ‘potential’ outbreak doesn’t happen until February or March,  they may have to postpone operations for a few more months.

Wishing to learn lessons from this, the Emergency Pressures Panel is now considering shutting down the NHS for the winter to everyone except emergencies.    Providing they can get passed the bouncers and can prove they don’t have norovirus.

In the long-term, the Emergency Pressures Panel is envisaging that this could create an opportunity to close some hospitals altogether.   This would relieve the pressures on the NHS staff, although sadly some of them may have to be made redundant.   The managers will be able to be redeployed to organise the closures and redundancies, before taking golden handshakes for the excellent work they have done.

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1 Response to Shrinking NHS GRAND PLAN.

  1. Alas dear Yourth! let me add to your pain, and to all these managers who may have to be redeployed, and then the doctors as bouncers.
    Did one watch last week on the telly; ITV; channel 4; or ‘Auntie BBC’? a factual report or programme broadcast by a senior staff person from a hospital on the North East Coast of England [Teesside/Wearside or Tyneside?]
    The senior person assured the interviewer that the hospital they were conducting the interview in had;
    a/ the buildings capacity for all patients
    b/ the wards [Now closed] ready to receive patients
    c/ ample beds to house and cater for a crisis
    However what they did not have was the staff, medical, and clinicians to attend to all these
    vacancies, should the occasion arise?
    I simply ask who is pulling the wool over who’s eyes?? Is this a call for medical attention, or jobs for the boys and nurses? who is fooling who? If we have the investment in place it Is what I would have perceived as criminal that we do not have the right calibre of staff?
    WE are now into the world of politics and politicking and Mr Corbyn and his cohorts alleging that the medical profession be a stronger more virulent trade union organization, affiliated to the Labour Party.
    I am confused and elderly when did health care have an affiliation? Other than to care? and the NHS Care for all, unless one made a conscious call for private health care.
    The social fabric and consciousness of the UK is being ripped apart by those greedy for power, without respect to the debt it owes its citizens for their loyalty and hard work in making what the UK and Britain stands for?? ASK an immigrant, and why they may chose the values and opportunities available in Great Britain and the UK.

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