Treat older people like rubbish

My post last week talked about the Daily Mail’s latest campaign to get people to clean up plastic rubbish.   Now my local council in Daventry has just introduced a new system for rubbish collection designed to recycle just about everything and save the world.   In the meantime, the County Council – Northamptonshire, has just about gone bankrupt, supposedly because of the rising costs of social care for older people and children.

I’ve got a suggestion for them.   They could learn a lot about what to do with older people from the care and attention they have paid to introducing the new systems for rubbish collection:-

  • The rubbish collections are still going to be done every week – how about if they called in on older people while they’re at it?
  • The rubbish is going to be sorted tidily into separate boxes – what about clearly defining the needs of older people in the same way?
  • The rubbish should be cleaned thoroughly before throwing it away – how about thoroughly looking after old people’s needs with the same attention?
  • Finally, the rubbish is sorted into separate bins – what if having defined older people’s needs they then provided specialist support like homecare, meals on wheels, residential care and nursing care to those who need it?
  • If you don’t comply with the council’s procedures for rubbish, you may well be fined – how about if the council were fined every time they don’t provide for older people’s needs?

If older people were treated with the same time and attention that local and central Government expected us to treat our rubbish, then maybe the system of social care could be reformed with the same energy and concern that is shown for plastic bags!

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3 Responses to Treat older people like rubbish

  1. davidfreeman says:

    Well hello! What a thought provoking blog?
    I ask you the reader to think a little of how we got here: Way back we had the conservative political party and Maggie Thatcher, and the policy of us all being a house owning nation, within the meaning of the working majority of the population.
    The policies were to relieve the then housing shortage, and the apparent block on social/council tenancies where working families passed down the right to ownership to their immediate family who may have resided in the family home, at the time of the elder registered tenants death. The central government and local government policies were not at the time favourable to building new housing for independent owners.
    Further to confuse the issue was the fact of the large mass employment industries were no longer viable? Such as the shipbuilding, coal mining, textile, car and steel industries, and the transport scene [shipping, railways, air transport], was changing from nationalise employment to individual enterprising ownership, and the local and central government was committed to providing housing, and social care [financial and health wise etc….] to its tenants in areas of unsettled full time employment. Again confused by the much younger working population staying at home [Living in] with the family.
    One of the beliefs I have is that the government of the day-[of what ever political policies], and the establishment must complete research and ask the questions ;What if? And such like what happens in the UK within the next 25 to 40 years, and come about with some credible policies to guide the political government of the day and in the future of the UK. On of the more intriguing factors was the policy of encouraging the private sector to building housing within the UK, and the building of one and studio flats for ownership to help and encourage the younger working population to move into areas of high employment, and be independent of the family financially. In no way would I or could these property developments coud be called suitable for either single parent of young family accommodation, without a lot more of thought and investement..
    One of the difficulties of building [providing] homes deliberately for a sector of the population, is how adaptable the properties and the building are for future generations. Interesting is the current provision of housing for the retired generation of retirement villages, and retirement complexes with apartments, bungalows, and housing for two persons co-habiting or as a single person, with the added attraction of entry by secure or a registered method, with facilities built in with consideration for the less mobile/in-firmed person/dweller. At To days policies by our political masters and central government thinking These schemes are I believe idea suitedl for the elderly.
    I now ask what for the next generations[25-40 years], of the elderly in the UK, and the capital investor:r To days thinking may need to be updated for a future majority of a younger working generation, and can these apartments/schemes for the elderly be economical developed for alternative accommodation for the younger working generations of families and single parent families? Just a thought and how can the property developer make a return on their investment, whether they are from the private sector or the state/local government sector, or the estate of the individual purchaser of the said property.

  2. davidfreeman says:

    we are but flotsam and jetsam, floating on the oceans surface? The body of the ship is but a wreck lying on some shoreline, or on the sea bed, waiting for to be salvaged? : But hey! wait a minute who is riding up on their white horses to save us poor oldies:- Which political UK party did you mention, or are they all just cowboys riding around the range, lassoing any ”sound bite” that will collect our vote! WE have the power, please use it? someday they may listen, I hope so!!!!

  3. davidfreeman says:

    today the daily telegraph Thursday 7 June 2018, business section paper-headline page 1- the daily mail editor ”Paul Dacere”, retiring, and Lord Rothermere quotes a man to miss, and then a list of items , and many campaigns that have been followed, such as -Omagh bombing, and the Elderly Crusade among the many.
    I just follow John’s Blog above and wonder, were these crusades to sell newspapers, or is there a will and a wish to pursue the injustices to the unfortunate in the UK and Northern Ireland society, and make the political society sit up and listen and make the necessary legislative changes or modifications required?
    Answers on a post card please.

    ollow John’s comment / blog above

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