Aviva Equity Release

This is another follow-up to my post “Equity Release Revisited” which prompted me to look into the subject again and start a new series of blogs on the subject.  I first wrote about this in 2012 and then again in 2015.  (You can find my earlier posts by clicking on Equity Release in the TAG CLOUD).

As part of my research, I found a full page advert from Aviva about Equity Release.  It offered to send a FREE EQUITY RELEASE GUIDE and I decided to follow it up.  The only problem was they didn’t include an email address, you had to call an 0800 number which I didn’t want to do.  I looked exhaustively on the Aviva website and couldn’t find an email address anywhere.  Which is astounding in this day and age!  However, I did find something called a “chatbot” which allows you to get into a live conversation with them.  Although you’re not really talking to a person at all.  This is Artificial Intelligence and all you’re able to do is type messages to a robot and get instant robotic messages back.    Here is how the “conversation” went :-

Aviva Chatbot “Conversation”

Me.                             I would like a hard copy of your Equity Release guide?

Aviva Chatbot.    To discuss or request a copy of your Equity Release documents, please call our customer support team on 0800 158 4177.

Aviva Chatbot.    I am here if you have any more questions.

Me.                            I don’t wish to discuss over the phone

Aviva Chatbox.    Sorry, I didn’t understand. Can you repeat your question in a different way?

Me.                           I am hard of hearing and I do not wish to use the telephone to discuss Equity Release

Aviva Chatbot.   Sorry, I still don’t understand. As I have not been able to help you, please click here to find out how to contact us.

Aviva Chatbot.   We aren’t always able to provide an email address or fax number, however we have the below alternative contact options.

Aviva Chatbot.    Please select how you would like to contact Aviva:

Me.                           Do you think this is a customer friendly response?

Aviva Chatbot.   Sorry, I didn’t understand. Can you repeat your question in a different way?

Me.                           Do you only have one answer to each question, I only want a brochure?

Aviva Chatbot.   Sorry, I still don’t understand. As I have not been able to help you, please click here to find out how to contact us.

So after all this, I’m none the wiser and I still don’t have a brochure from Aviva.  I wonder how much business they lose by making it difficult to communicate in the manner you wish?

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2 Responses to Aviva Equity Release

  1. I am not sure how to answer this ‘BLOG’- The information required is straight forward, and a simple question? But then I am a simple chap.
    \\\\i entered the world of the worldwide net and put forward a request to the search engine for ‘AVIA Equity Release’, and the screen was immediately lit up by AVIA Insurance with a padlock on the opening bar advice: Good I thought safe I thought, I then followed through with a request for an ‘AVIA’ Guide on equity release, I was now transferred to another window FOXIT- download- still padlocked, when my security package on my computer issued an alert, and would not allow me to proceed further.
    Undaunted I hastily proceeded to another computer centre, and repeated the process: This time the alternative bar codes again were padlocked; however the again different security programme issued a warning, and closed the guide page down.
    I am unsure of my position as to whether the ”SUBJECT MATTER IS SUSPECT TO MISUSE? Or that the particular web page and the ‘AVIA’ advertisement due to its financial nature is/has been hacked into and is unreliable??? all I would add is beware when dealing in financial matters on the web/telephone, and maybe as a precaution one has to fall back on royal mail, and the registered address of the company I remain cynical

  2. alasadir says:

    Dear John
    It is clear that they actually want you to speak to them so that they can try and sell their solution to you while on the phone. Most companies DON’T want you to speak to them as they don’t want the cost of employing people. Furthermore, these companies also use frustrating and time consuming press 1 to be given our website, press 2 to be told what you already read on the website trying to find our number …..etc. As a full time carer I find this and the long wait to speak to someone, who then abdicates all responsibility for the problem you are calling about VERY stress inducing.
    I wonder how they would feel it it were them?
    Best wishes

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