Social Don’t Care Bill.

Nine words of nothing. That is the sum total of what the Government had to say in last weeks Queens speech about social care. A shameful betrayal of frail older people, but, no different to what has been going on for years. Nor is it just the fault of this Government or this political party.

The rising cost of care for the rapidly rising population of older people has been foreseen and ignored for decades. It is social problem which nobody will face up to. Not just the politicians, but also the institutions, the regulators, the media and ultimately old people themselves and their relatives.

There are plenty of solutions put forward :- more training for careers; better pay for care staff; tougher regulation of poor quality standards; the list is endless. The big but, is that they all amount to a lot more money and nobody can agree who pays !

The starting position of most discussion begins with the assumption that older people who need care should not have to sell their homes to pay for care. That is precisely the wrong place to start and only guarantees there will be no solution. The fact is that there are trillions of pounds locked up in older peoples homes, which could easily pay for good quality home care or residential care.
That is not to advocate the current forms of equity release, which I believe are restrictive and ridiculously expensive. However, the Government could facilitate payment for care and retrospectively charge for care secured against an older persons house.

It would take a bold leader to suggest this and I doubt we have politicians of that standing any more. It would be a move as significant as the setting up of the NHS

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9 Responses to Social Don’t Care Bill.

  1. I now reply, Dear John, you have caused me to think, and think deeply, and ask the question??”What will be”?
    I am as is my wife Molly, happily residing in our EXTRACARE CHARITIES TRUST Retirement Village in Milton Keynes. WE have been residents since 2007 JULY ,when we were then aged 65 and 64 respectfully, we are now galavanting on to 79, and 77 years of age, with reasonable mobility, and health. (we are not yet requiring care for health and housekeeping reasons.
    I personally wish to reflect in your ‘Blog’, above and the 3 reading blogs as highlighted above to be related. Quite a belly full of information. I basically concur with your assessment John, however I wish to reflect on why I agree.
    When in 2002 Molly and I retired work on the same day, we lived then in our own home, and had paid off our mortgage some 3 years earlier, so our house was our asset. At his period in time my father died (old age), leaving my mother in their home-Fully mortgage free. My mother at this time in 2002 was reasonably mobile and self sufficient, but showing signs of senile dementia, My mothers dementia deteriated. I am one of 4 siblings, and each of us at this time had young families, and my family [siblings[ were in the Leeds Area My mother went into a Anchor Home for respite care, as we 4 Sibling families were away from our respective homes at the same time. My Mother stayed in the Anchor Home for some 14 days, and on the point of discharge from respite care, my mother told all four of us siblings ‘that she had enjoyed, the stay, especially having care staff about on a 24 hour basis, the regular attention for medicine taking, regular meals, and those people in the care home, whom mum could chat with, ignore, and do daily activities which the manager of the home encouraged. Mum also liked the individual room, with a bed and sitting area, and its own shower and toilet, with washing facilities, and its communications telephone and TV set. We 4 siblings conferred with Mum and she, that is MUm wished to be a permanent resident in the Anchor Home, rather than depend upon visiting care staff from an agency visiting her in her our house. This was done: Selling Mums house and using the funds into a trust account, to pay for her care home fees.
    Mum lived for some 14 years in care.
    WE paid the care home costs originally, rather than claim monies from the authorities, who demanded. mums monies from the sale of the house were deposited with them-although we would not incurr any further costs.
    The cost and financing of Mums care home costs needed a watchful eye on government funding policies at the time for health, and support care? This area is still a mine field.
    2005/7 US
    Molly and I look at MUMs decision to go into the Anchor Care HOme very seriously, and when we retired in 2002 talked frequently about old age, in 2005/6 John as CEO of the EXTRACARE CHARITIES TRUST COVENTRY, came to Milton Keynes with the backing of The Milton Keynes Borough Council, and promoted the ‘IDEALS, and Concept’ of an Extracare Retirement Village of some 254 Residencies for the over 60+ with facilities and Domicilary Care, with staff to deliver the services promised. The concept was 1/3 ; 1/3; 1/3. Lease properties, shared properties and social properties, some of which are single bedroom apartments and some 2 bedroom apartments.
    The complex or complete retirement village has an overall manager, a domicillary care manager, and activity staff, maintenance staff, domestic and village cleaning staff, and a back room staff to advise on local problems or seek help from HQ of the Trust in Coventry,
    We have faciliites for all to utalise, meeting rooms, craft rooms ,woodwork shop, cafe/bistro, hairdressers shop, a corner shop for that add item forgotten, resturaunt, and a combined meeting hall-resturaunt for that special social occassion, for the whole village, or to hire for a private venue. Not forgetting the fitness gymnasium with a manger to advise on fitness exercises, either as one ages or recovers from a hospital/illness/medical ailment or such like.
    This was before, and as we are now looking forward too coming out of CORVID-19.
    TODAY MAY 2021
    Coming out of CORVID-19, I am looking forward to! During the ‘lockdown’ of CORVID-19, and my age now 79, i have had to come to terms with restricted village activities and that personal ability to exercise ones body, to a point of enjoyment, and a little exhaustion on the way,
    Looking at JOHNS Blogg above with my mental attitude, and talking to Molly, asking the question have we done the right thing in our life, with the decisions we made on our retirement in 2002? The answer is a resounding yes! We are both very happy.
    What do we do if one of us survives the other, or we become frail and require care support, or domestic help? Can we afford it? Extracare have a ‘BENIFITS ADVISOR’, who may guide us through the financial mine field. The unasked question is if we become either of us frail, and less mobile, then we must look at the financial arrangement we made in our earlier working life. and utalise the care and support to its full advantage that the domicillary care of Extracare can offer. We remain optomystic for the future.
    Originally the average of our retirement village was 72 years of age and the majority of residents independently mobile,. Today the original residents are older, the new residents coming in are older and the retirement age has moved to 70, and due to financial circumstance some have remained in work until 75 years of age or there abouts.! The average age in the village is alleged to to 80 years- the years of life in the village being celebrated with a longer life THAN IN MY DAYS OF YOUTH. :However mobilty [the use of mobility aids has increased], and when we return to our activities we may be young at heart but bodies of less mobilty- From this i suspect all though not discussed support resident to resident, and form Extracare Domicillary support, becomes more important.
    One decision ALL of US as RESIDENTS, and the Organisation The Extracare Charities Trust of Coventry may have to make a decision, should our retirement Village as originally concieved become a CARE HOME ORGANISATION??? a question for tomorrow??
    Question, for you?? have you through life enjoyed your decisions,, and did you make the right ones??? answers on a post card please.

  2. Superflous?
    The end of ‘lockdown’, provided I meet and greet sensibly, i can join my other residents in the public areas of our retirement village and enjoy that chat, that cup of refreshment, smile and warm glow of feeling in the eyes, with that knowing wink! of comaradiere: It is great, we are becoming once again a free society, admittedly with ‘strings’ :However it is nice to feel and know ‘lockdown is maybe a story of yesterday.
    I feel like a ‘spare prick’ at a wedding, useless, mouthy, and an eyesore, but ‘GREAT’??? Not to be listened too with much thought, but a sight for sore eyes?

  3. yessterdays??
    I just wonder where we are going as a nationality, not neccesarilly a unified state, but full of our beliefs of our ancestors, as an english speaking peoples, with basically christian beliefs.
    The daily media, especially the press have been recently full of ”HARRY and MEGAN”, and their views on family strife, Then we have been quiet recently on ”BAME’ and WOKE? and yet today in Ceuta in North Africa we have the report of various african Nationals wishing to come to EUROPE and experience the living standards of the various European Nations.
    With the movement of ” WOKE and BAME;” What advantages, and improved standard levels of living, and social attitudes, are these prospective immigrants from Ceuta expecting?
    I just wonder as ”WOKE and BAME” come to the fore in the North American and the UK as nations of the English Speaking Peoples, what BODJ will say when he reflects in the results of the recent UK Nation central government CENSUS results for 2021 are published, as analysed; especially the basic questions we are all asked on any government/local government form, one is asked basically, their nationality, ethnicity, and heredity roots??? I ask you what question or answer do you expect, and is ”WOKE and BAME” relevant, WE all have to be considerate and respectful each of us as individuals, what are our relations with fellow citizens of the UK and the Greater World?
    Do we as UK citizens have a ‘Black-mark’ metophorically cast against us as a nation???

  4. just a passing word or thought: ”WOKE and BAME” are quiet now, but I note since ‘Lockdown’ Corvid-19, I have been watching rather a lot of TV of various channels, I note that the majority of dramas have been ‘WOKE’ and aware of ;BAME’, and there again on all the commercial TV channels there is not a break for adverts which does not exclude, but includes, a ‘BAME’ actor or participant.
    Just a view point? to consider? Who is sensitive? Me or you? We are one nation, compassion and respect please.

  5. Social-do not care BILL
    What a weekend of press the BBC and media in general, in the UK.
    THE BEEB is on the rack, and the press are celebrating the misbehaviour of our BBC News channels.
    One I feel has to be careful here, the BBC sought a Truth, those wishing to be in the limelight, sought retribution, the whole affair has not done either party credit. As a licence fee payer, and as a tax payer both parties- that is the crown, and the BEEB, have done an injustice to the well being of the Nation.
    Why do I as a citizen have to subscribe to both parties? when they cry in public, twisting and turning their individual stories to create sensationalism.!
    WE as a nation have to be very careful of what we are doing, and what may be destroyed in the outcome of this shinanigans.
    We all as citizens of this nation be selective of who we vote for to govern us, and an absolute majority, may bring absolute power-no sharing- and a possible dictatorship, where no one of us wins, not even our children for who we owe a future! The crown the other losers in this power game, need to be careful, and while they may have family problems, they have ‘INHERITED’ not the right, but the beliefs of all of us that they are fundamental to governance of this nation.
    While one respects the personal problems each of the may have, they have been born to responsible to lead and show what we as a nation can achieve, as fallible human beings!
    I care do you? Is this a social care problem

  6. cummings
    Eight letters not nine words, but a face full of editorial, and reported comments, every body in politics is at 6;s and 9’s??? { upside down} Who does one believe, a disgruntled northerner, a newspaper or a government and ministers in the public eye, or again those in the ‘background’ such as the honourable civil servants, who make these wheels of government tick??
    WAS ‘Cummings’ a civil servant of honour, or a political nomination, with the largess of ideals and an honest political party, or a dispossible asset to be burnt at the ‘stake’ forsaken for the truth???
    I ask is this nine words or are we all at 6’s and 7’s?

  7. do we care, are we still here, listening to one and other

  8. AS the sun enterers the summer ‘SOLSIST; and flies high in the sky without a hint of darkness, and that mid night sun, I just wonder, as I prepare my fairies suit for that dance on the night of JUNE 21, to who or whom am I dancing with?? Other fairies and wishers of good will, or some grumpy ‘old farts” to who I have forgotten to wish happy birthday too??
    Hey Never Mind? Yes it is all in the mind/ And my wishes are too everyone whomay alighten upon this site of BLOGS,;; Please do have a happy birthday, and memories to cheerish, as the nights grow longer after the 21 JUNE
    One happy bunny to another, or in other words a ‘Fairy!..

  9. david freeman 237 says:

    welcome and good morning with best wishes, on this sunday morning, weather dull, but spirits high on this ”OLD Farts Day’. or should I be more polite and say ”Happy Fathers day” and with my dreams, as I dream and gaze in the wind of The Extracare Charitable TRust, and its past master Dear JOhn obe!!!!!

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