Happy Days

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6 Responses to Happy Days

  1. What an eyeful, and lots of bueaty to behold in ones mind’s eye, and imagination, if only we had ”smelly smiles” and not that craggy old features of that old buzzard with that ‘smile’ or ‘grumble ” look’?? Today it is all a picture to remember!!!!!

  2. Reflections, dreams, the year 2021, the date 23 June, two days after the summer solstice, my younger days come back in all this corvid-19 supposed lockdown freedom.
    Feast week, wykes week, in the Leeds and Bradford areas of my youth, when the mills, and cloting factories shut down for a weed, and all the locals made off to their places of desire; scarborough, whitby hornsea, brid, bleckpool, morcombe or southport, or if one were a chosen one ambleside scotland-loch lomand or even more exotic cornwall::- spain and portuglal where unheard off, and the continential germany france a little expensive.. Ship travel those days was by ferry basically, no channel tunnel, but to southern Ireland or the isle of man, or the channel isles. Not much cruising to places of ones dreams, the carribeanen, med, Norway or Iceland. Then the most people cruised upon was a £10 Pom to Auss or New Zealand.
    Now one is locked in one home with Corvid-19, and the get away airaplanes if they could would whisk you away to the USA, Canada, India, Thailand, Japan, China, and the antipodies for a break, BUT alas the government and its masters are wishing us to be at home, self isolating, not citezens of the world, but finger tapping meastroes of the cyber world and the net? I ask you who does one chat with, look into the eye, nod ones head in disagreement or even agreement, or have a few funny moments with as a laugh, joke or giggle? and electronic computer maybe company, but it is not the real person of this world.
    Alas as i see it I am back to re-enacting my dreams of yesteryear, in dear old blighty this summer of 2021.
    I hear the music, the chatter of the ”BIRDS’ as us lads make for the dodgems and naohs ark and the waltzer of the fairground rides of ‘feast week’??? But alas I am 78 years old, where has life gone too??? I am an old crankie, grizzly old bear, with no good looks, and that quiff, mod looks gone, just wrinkles, and an aid to walk with. My Teddy Boy looks have long gone, i now talk to my grand and great grand children, with my teddy in my arms, while they kiss me good night, and whisper gently in my ear ‘you old fart’ but we love you!!!

  3. It is Fathers day today, just a gentle reflection,, to all those I know, and whom are dads.
    Best wishes have a good day, in both body and soul, with many a happy memory or 2.

  4. Mymemory is fading, gradually! However I seem to remember my parents and many an aged aunt when walking in a garden, reminding me of a flower, called ”Ole wives tale” the species escapes me, and I not see it in the Garden picture above by that good old oldie, named JOHN.
    remain to be shown a pictue, or a gardners book reference? I shall now persue the net, and see if I can catch a butterfly or 2, or even other visitors to this garden blog???

  5. Here we are 2 Tales, cut flowers in a vase with water, put a penny in the water?? You have all you need for the ‘closet’ a penny to open the door, a penny to spend, and a bunch of flowers to alliviate the ” The PONG” should you have passed wind. or done a good job??? for the day.
    Then the second tale a 4 leaf clover to wish one, what one may want to make, or desires in life to be answered…

  6. old wives tale. a flower??? ”BUSY LIZZY” Question, has some one been busy in the garden,? and where the smiles and grumbles photograph?? Just inquisitive?

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