Boris has a plan which he has been thinking about during the many months of lockdown. He has just got to finalise a few details, like what is it all about; where’s the money going to come from; will his quarrelsome MP’s vote for it and most of all he must have a catchy title so that everyone will know it his his idea.

For the moment he is still using BBBB, which obviously stands for Boris Builds Back Better. The only problem is that nobody knows what that means and that includes Boris. So it is back to the drawing board for a while, but the plan will be published very, very soon. Certainly by the time Coronapop is all over, which will be very, very soon.

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4 Responses to BBBB

  1. Ballocks, balderdash, buggery, boris, it is all in the mind-It maybe behind that mask of yours, but where is that smile and joyous message of freedom,
    Corvid-19 has many guises and as many sides as there are MP’s sitting in Westminster,
    The science is difficult, but what I wish now there is a little more reasoning, with a practical approach to the problem>>
    WE are a nation of the world, and curiousity is part of my make up. However as an island we have free boarders to the worlds population and immigrants yet we punish financially our our countrymen and families who have too, and may wish to travel. It is about time we raised a yellow flag [International code of signals] over the uk free patiquic , in laymans terms free from disease. Renoucing all interloppers

  2. firstly apologise for the slightly uncouth use of language. Sorry David.

  3. Now then, today Sunday 18 July 2021, and the media. Never mind the 4B;s Who can they be? have a guess? Please do! The media are full of mr javid Rt. Hon. Health Care, he has been ”pinged” literally and name dropped dropped for corvid-19, and then the broadcasters are full of meetings that Mr Jarvid has had with RISHY RISHI, the Rt Hon. The Treasurer, and our beloved leader, who like’s his clubs and associations like the Bullinton Boys, the Rt. Hon. Boris Prime Minister. They all had a meeting earlier in the week discussing the affairs? need I add of state!!!
    Well that is 3 B’s all we need is the fourth, while Boris reflects and enjoys the surround of CHEQUERS? We as a nation await the 4th B, who is that to be, do we with the Conservative Party and such an unchallengeable majority in government? do we have a co-elision in this pandemic and lack of leadership, or even a Named Deputy Prime Minister in the government of the day??? Does Kerr Stiermier count and the other political parties, or is that the 4thB- bugger you all? I am power, and earning the rights to my pension, you lot of old foggies!!!!
    We all have a 10 day holiday now while ‘The ‘Rt. Hon. Boris’ and his cohorts with the scientist sort out the future,
    IF I were on a loaded tanker coming into port, i would hoist 3 flags on the yardarm, according to thr international code of signals:
    1== The red flag i am or have a dangerous cargo on board[ namely a vote]
    2–The yellow flag ‘free patique’ i have not been ”pinged as yet”
    3– my national flag =The red ensign or duster- meaning I sweep all before me?

  4. Boris and the two scientific advisors on the 17.00 BBC Broadcast CORVID-19 UPDATE were in my mind considerate and gave realistic believable advice, which I feel we can all follow with confidence.
    The message to the younger generation, was to act responsible, and a big thank you to them for the consideration they have shown towards the older generations, and the emotional ties and occasions they have had to maybe experience during CORVID-19.
    I concur and also say thank you,

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