Bodj up

Boris has been having a Coronapop time out thanks to test and trace, but this has given him space to think and he has come up with a uniquely cleaver idea to level up Britain.

It fulfils his promise to the North and may also solve the Scottish independence problem. What a master stroke !

It is all based on “latitude”.

Bodj has decided to pay people more by increasing the minimum wage by £1 for every degree of latitude you live north of London.

Here are some examples :-

  • Say the minimum wage in London is £10 / hour
  • In Milton Keynes it would rise to £15
  • In Birmingham it would reach £20
  • Liverpool and Manchester would be £30
  • Newcastle£45
  • Glasgow and Edinburgh £50
  • the Shetland Isles would be £80

Bodj thinks this would have the have the effect of moving large groups of people northwards in search of higher pay and cheaper house prices. To add to the momentum the London weighting of pay would be abolished and all Government Departments would be relocated several degrees further north.

Scotland which would have the highest rates of pay, would probably be resettled by grateful voters who would tip the balance in favour of keeping the Union.

Bodj did all the calculations on the back of a fag packet, but thinks it will only cost a few billions. It will be implemented as soon as Boris comes out of isolation in a few days time. He can’t think why anyone didn’t come up with the idea before.

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5 Responses to Bodj up

  1. Hello, good morning you old TART? Is BOJD pushing your buttons again, do you feel like ‘BUTTONS’ in a pantomime of ‘CINDERELLA’ ? and is BODJ the wicked witch, with all his dreams?
    Or are you dear John the ‘Fairy Godmother’ with your magic wand of wishes? Please do tell me?
    The only thing going up!! north of London is the train fare from KINGS X, St PANCRAS Or EUSTON, if one should go north of WATFORD latitude. But hey never mind we can all dream, For instance is BODJ after our votes and offering enticements the further North One lives,
    Scotland has an all most exhausted oil and gas industry, and now must gently promote wind farms like ”Westminster and the House of Commons’ not forgetting our Lords and Ladies sitting on thier person pile of effluent, and causing a stink in the nation?
    Gor Blimey I will have to return to my breakie wheat, and chew over a few more facts, that Dear JOHN has cause me to investigate.
    ABRACADABRA!! it is all in a spell? that one may wish for??? Good day, good hunting!!!

  2. A change of subject, for your consideration? Do you follow or watch the most recent of episodes of that old soap opera ‘Coronation Street’?
    This last Wednesdays episode both at 19.00 and 20.00 hrs, I was listening careful and as a white man aged 78 trying to pick out the story dialogue of 3 male characters- two white and one black, talking and asking how rude or abusive is it to ask where one comes from? The inferred allegation from the non white character was crudely racial abuse, and racism, the white characters tried to explain it was a generic question, and generally inquisitive!
    I beg for compassion and understanding; In my younger years, and in the British Merchant Navy, which had crews from all the British Seaports and some crew members for the British Commonwealth. Far from home and limited company the question to any ship board member, was out of politeness, and inquisitiveness to help understand and establish a relationship with ones ship mate.
    Having said that there was no animosity towards colour, unless one was white and came from British ports with whom one could make a derogatory comment, and here the list was endless, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cardiff, London, Belfast, Hull, Southampton, Edinburgh. The Dialects and local use of the english language was great to learn, and inferred different meanings to non dwellers of these ports, to which not sarcasms , but humour was involved, and that old saying sarcasms is the lowest form of wit>>, Why I ask this is how do our modern day non white citizen’s refer to their own countrymen/women? are they humours/bias/ rude?, is it colour commenting on colour, am I a racist, or now then what argument are they putting forward ;WOKE; and ignorance? or ”Tolerance and Consideration”-
    Who or what is colour/race or is tribalism, for which we are all, or all can be accused off;; should you attack my, or the others family,

  3. Returning from a sojourn with family in Devon, and reflecting now with a sunday mail in hand, I study the inside pages on electric power for the UK, and the problem of supplying with confidence the future government policy of electric transport road and rail? I t reads like a political nightmare with no joined up writing of the future UK political view point of environment and green issues, and the actual realities of where we trade both financially and in goods/consumables with the wider world.
    It is as if we are drifting into a comfortable slipper, and BODJ remains aloof with dishy rishy the chancellor, political view points are another matter, and not in the papers editorial comments pages, but splashed over a few of the inner pages of the newspaper. Who leads the UK?? the Prime Minister and government or the popular press, and the many aired and varied comments for a consensus of decisions to be taken?😊

    To me mind numbing and a load of ‘cods whallop”

  4. the daily mail today page 22 is interesting-headline ‘escape the city’, I just wonder if the wish of young families is to move from a city to an urbanisation-What becomes of the properties they vacate, and the city social services they forgo-hospitals, surgeries, dentists- shops?=Do we develope these vacant properties for the aging non working future population, to be able to centralise all the social services required for the modern society?
    Do we have an Organisation that can show how we care for our older generation? A Dream of Extracare with a life and vision for the future of the older generation.

  5. In reply to the 14 aug 2021 Saturday-Daily Mail- page10- headline-end of the landline.
    Quite a piece this on landlines, where next?? Are you able to categorically state their will be no dedicated communication system, other than a web based one for mobile telephones. [once landlines are abandoned- that is cable systems?]
    I am a little elderly, and believed we had wireless transmissions/ wavelengths- and all that short, long, medium and ultra short wave etc.
    What I fail to grasp is this modern technology, where is there isolation from the web? Are you suggesting that all modern communications, private/public/diplomatic, will now be web based???
    Here is the rub besides ones private comments, remarks, and financial transactions, who has the authority/key and responsibility for keeping confidentiality, as a matter of private, and state affairs? Are you, do you suggest that the modern mobile phone (web based- transmission media] are now all tied up to a common operator/provider ??? regardless of ‘’origin of state’’??? It begs many a political and defence questions for a, or, of a nation. Giving a few problems which may need to be addressed besides ‘’’the citizens of that state’’ [and their way of living], and their individual conversations, finance decisions, and way of life???
    This is WAY BEYOND the novel/ideas of 1984??

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