Bodj Priorities

While Bodj was forced to self-isolate recently he had time to think. It’s not something he gets time to do very often, because their is so much to do. People are constantly asking him questions – difficult questions – which he has to bluster his way through. But it is not really working, because his poll ratings are going down and down, He was at the crest of a vaccine wave only a few months ago and now he is in the doldrums again. There is nothing Bodj dislikes more than being disliked,

He has just got too much on and everything is a priority :-

Coronapop – just won’t go away, those experts keep asking for more time, more restrictions, more masks, more social distance and now booster vaccines ! They will never be satisfied.

Global warming – as if is want hot enough already. It’s going to get a lot warmer. and colder and wetter and dryer. The weather can’t make up its mind.

The National Debt – £3 trillion and counting. How did Rushi- loads-a-money get us into this mess ?

Brexit Backlash – this was supposed to be sorted but the Europeans still keep complaining.

Scottish Independence- an unruly and unreliable child. They won’t be happy until Hadrian’s wall is rebuilt.

Immigration – the Scots all want to leave and everybody else can’t wait to get here.

Afghanistan – just when we though it was under control it goes out of control.

NHS waiting lists – 5 million and growing by the day, we are going to need those 40 new hospitals, or was it 10, or 50 by Christmas and where are the staff going to come from?


HS2 and Grade inflation and Price inflation and No 10 Interior decoration

and Alpacacide.

Who said “Two priorities are no priority at all” ?

Bodj needs a plan – A GRAND PLAN.

see next weeks thrilling episode.

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3 Responses to Bodj Priorities

  1. mmogan says:

    How are you, John

    Would be good to catch up sometime if you are ever active in fundseeking and need help

    Free support as and when!


  2. noted all fruits together, a good case of fruit gums-around the trees? or a ”dasiy chain” all holding hands together?? BODJ certainly is looking for clarity, and I am sure any contributor is welcomed.
    But alas I must revitalise the ‘LONG LOST LOONIE PARTY [LLLP]” and its proposed chairperson JOHN ;to be re-elected] Or is it to be MMorgan
    But Hey that is domestic issues first things first ”’Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday John” what ever you may wish to celebrate???
    Your piece above is full of why’s wherefores’ and buts, or should I say BUTTS? kicking BODY metaphorically up the backside, for indecision, and lack of forethought?
    I am surprised with dishi rishi Rt Hon, On his side, and Rt, Hon. miss Patel, among many others, where is the justice in the british voting population for calmness and leadership with a few clear thoughts and ideas on how to progress as a government leading the British Nation to a more secure and financially independent nation, with noble intentions to do good in this world, not just pay lip service to a few headlines that the BRITISH Press present in their daily readings?
    I had the strong believe that one of the more secure government positions in the cabinet office, was the Minister to the DUCHY Of Lancaster. This position was to listen to the daily political worldwide chatter, and provide some forethought from research of what was feasible, as a solution. The current holder is the Rt, Hon Micheal Gove, not an insider as far as family connection are considered, but maybe one of the unwashed general public of the UK Nation. I state this because should one look at the ” tree of government”, and BODJ in particular, together with the Chair person of the present Conservative party, one is struck? Or at least I am that this current holder-jointly is a ‘gentlemen’ who ‘DOES NOT HOLD A PARLIMENTARY SEAT in the current government= related to the duchess of cornwall, and has monies, raising cash for the needy-However I just wonder if I were asked // should I be ? Would you called this ‘GENT’ a philanthapist from an honest hardworking background (spelling/apologies], or a sop!!! to the upper classes.
    All this makes me wonder is MICHEAL GOVE a yes man!!!!! to prove that BODJ has ministers representing the ethnic well being of the British Nation, and are all the front runners, excluding BODJ representatives; from all creeds, colour, countries of the British Nation for who we can vote, but powerless in their ability to challenged BODJ and his ‘cohorts’???
    As a LLLP member and a ‘ragamuffing society fellow, I put my head in my hands and pray to my ‘GOD’ for some clear meaningful thoughts to come out of Westminster, and the HOUSES Of Parliament, to see us progress and go forward together as one nation.

  3. Today I am totally confused??? The daily rag ”daily mail’ has me all jumbled up, and the evening news media broadcasts, just adding to the views and opinions all ready expressed.
    With the limited conversations of meaningful value during this epidemic of ‘corvid-19’ I feel as if we are all reaching out to read the tea leaves and trying to predict a safe and prosperous future for us all in this nation of ours???
    WE are having to swallow the rout in Afghanistan, the outcome of a refugee problem of accepting some 30.000+ persons on humanin rationale? Without further thought very noble!! Questions raise their ugly heads — how do we financially support these persons with housing and job prospects, together with the alleged influx of human trafficking crossing the channel from alledged hotspots in the middle east and the african continent .
    We are domestically having problems with employment, except for the hospitality trade? Where are we going, what are we manufacturing as a nation, and where the hell is our national income coming from? Does it all boil down to money, or does it involve integrity? Question besides the human questions and responsibilities, are we being flooded as a nation by the rest of the world as a last resort of assistance and help to all needy nations, by political ambitions of some rogue political world affiliation, to make us as a nation ‘bend at the knee???
    WE may be can offer limited support within in an individual nation- but not the complete adoption of a nations well fare, and transfer of their citezens to our nation: It requires a little give and take, and common understanding to attain the same humane principles of life.
    Then to blow a fuse, we have in the media TV News of a case where the end of life is discussed as euthanasia, and what is the solution? In this case the age quoted is 50 years old+. In the UK Nation we have an aging population where maybe the average age of the largest majority of the UK population is above retirement age [65], and what next ??????
    BODJ has problems and we need as nation a little more thought of the future for the nation, Please!!!! Parliament, a little more deep thinking rather than knee reactions?.


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