BODJ New Coronapop Plan

Having had some time to think in his recent self-isolation BODJ has come up with a plan to defeat Coronapop. It just needs a tweaking of the rules to how we a live in the future.

Rule No 1 – JAB THE LOT

We need 100 % of people vaccinated for 100% protection. Bodj has always said “we are all in this together”. Anyone who doesn’t want a jab must self- isolate and watch repeats on the TV indefinitely.


Everyone must ware a mask when they are outdoors or indoors. Anyone found breaking the Mask Rule will be sent to the Outer Hebrides for a long time.


Bodj worked this out by counting his fingers and thumbs. It all seemed so obvious.

These three simple rules will have profound implications for the way we all live in the foreseeable future :-

Outdoor Music Festivals will be limited to 10 including the performers. The audience must stay 2 meters apart and not sing or shout. Quiet clapping will be allowed.

Restaurants and bars can open but will be allowed no more than 10 customers at a time, so to make it more financially viable opening times will be extended to 24 hours with a maximum stay of 1 hour.

Night Clubs will be restricted with no singing or shouting or jumping up and down. Dancers must observe 2 metre distances and a maximum of 10 people at a time. That should be fun.

Football matches can restart but without supporters because they just keep shouting inspite of Government experts advice. Teams will be reduced to 10 and no substitutes. The referee can be exempted from the numbers but will have to ware a full hazmat suit. Players hugging after goals are scored will be given an automatic red card, so teams might be quite short of players towards the end of the game.

Similar rules will apply to all other team games. Cricket teams are advised to drop the wicketkeeper, which should result in higher scoring matches. In rugby the rule of ten will probably mean leaving out the front and second row forwards.

BODJ will appear on TV every night to advise on any more rules he thinks of. So we had better hope he doesn’t have to self- isolate again.

Next week Bodj will sort out the economy !

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2 Responses to BODJ New Coronapop Plan

  1. well i ask you is this no.10 with best wishes, or a new set of 10 commandments??? Gone is the bible, and in is the cabinet of 10? or is it 15/9 weary souls looking for salvation, and may be leadership of a divine quality, with plenty of common sense,

  2. The media, press and broadcasting are full of some most difficult problems facing the nation at this time.
    John has been most enlightening, with his 10 summations/solutions as we allegedly as a nation become free of CORVID-19 as a general epidemic, but not some of the future variants, which are harboured or developing in the wider world.
    WE need to be all Jabbed, and not jabbering ‘pricks’ in this world of ours, and we need each of us and our visiting guests and returning resident, to be open minded and think of us all as a nation, and submit each of ourselves to the inoculation, to help reduce the risks to all of us young or old to basic protection, leaving the NHS to deal as designed and envisaged with ailments, that require help and assistance, which to some degree are not self inflicted due to the personal views held, by the individual.
    While John jokingly counts in 10;s I just ponder the mental wellbeing of the nation, and while gathering enjoying the spectator sports, and recreational venues, such as music festivals and night clubs, theatres, restaurants/cafes and other suchlike venues. WE have to be responsible, each and everyone of us,.to abide by some simple guide lines of medical advice, which is slowly coming to light, following the corvid-19 immunisation programme for each of us as UK residents/citezens reducing risks to a minimum and possibly encouraging the self belief as a nation of herd immunity..
    Relaxing watching sport, supporting public venues gives us all the opportunity to mix, converse and exchange ideas and emotions with other humans.
    The bigger story in the media is the fall of Afghanistan, and the underling stories reports from HRH the Prince of WAles on the planet and the ”GREEN Issues” that face us as a global population.
    Here I return to the LLLP, and as a ”ragamuffin” just wonder where Oh where is the political power and ideals in this world of ours??? Are we all hell bent on dogmatic ideas, without consideration for the minority in this world, or for instance if this socialistic policy is not the answer, Then is the root of all evil Money, and the ideals of owing the debt of the word, without a conscious the right solution.
    Somewhere between the two, the truth lies the answer, but the UK as a Nation alone cannot provide a solution to the worlds current problems.
    We need a leader and a government of vision to see the UK nation through these upsetting times??
    Not home rule for ‘Yorkshire’ as some may quote.

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