Floodgates of Death

This post follows from my previous two blogs “National Death Service” and “Polly Toynbee certainty”.

It is just a matter of time now before they open the Floodgates of Death.    Legitimise assisted suicide and inadvertently condemn a generation to an early passing.  To qualify for an early death, all you will have to do is one of the following:-

  • Be spotted on a Zimmer frame crossing the road.
  • Be slow in the checkout queue at Tesco.
  • Dare to turn up at A & E.
  • See your GP more than once in a year.
  • Going to a Rolling Stones concert.
  • Nod off in the arm-chair.

How could they have guessed that the songs of their baby boomer generation were so prophetic:-

  • Did “The Who” really mean what they said in their song “My Generation”, when they blasted out the words “I hope I die before I get old”?
  • Did “The Beatles” know more than we thought about getting old when they said “will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64”?
  • In 1971 when “The Rolling Stones” rocked with the song “Sister Morphine”, did they really know the consequences of the words:-                                                                               “Here I lie in my hospital bed
    Tell me, sister Morphine, when are you coming round again?
    Oh, I don’t think I can wait that long
    Oh, you see that I’m not that strong”

Of course there will be other consequential damages :-

  • Nobody to look after the grandkids
  • Specsavers will probably go out of business.
  • So will hearing aid salesmen and walking stick makers.

And unintended consequences :-

  • Church congregations may decline significantly.
  • But there will be many more funerals to go to.
  • House prices might fall as more properties are released onto the market.
  • Drug companies’ profits will fall dramatically with less people to pop pills.

But also some new business opportunities  :-

  • Cruise liners could offer “final solution voyages” ending with burial at sea.
  • or “Death in the clouds” — you could opt for sky diving without a parachute.

All this because we don’t cherish the lives of old people as much as we should.

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4 Responses to Floodgates of Death

  1. Seedy cake
    Well laddie, you have just raised my horizons for my wake? I anticipated lots of ham sandwiches and seedy cake’ with lots of cups of tea, for all those well- wishers, with the music of the ‘Proms and 60’s and 70’s blaring out in the background.
    I see you in this blog, sitting with one’s index finger up ones fundamental orifice, drinking amber nectar that reaches other parts untouched, with the tune of ‘Land and Hope and Glory blaring out from the cd player- Lost for words?:- Old Chap?
    Molly appreciates the humour in this blog, I just wish for John Wayne, and all those red Indians to set me loose in a canoe down river going west in the evening sunlight or sunset? Which- ever way one looks at it?
    I remember you lad, coming and telling us about Extracare and retirement Villages, and the dreams and envisaged fuller life one would if one wished from residing in one? It is now 11 years + since Molly and I moved into our Extracare Retirement Village, and we have enjoyed every moment, of village life, and the comraderies of the residents and staff. We are still enjoying the life, and look forward to an even more full filling life style, as the days go past, and the years creep on. There is lots to do and encompass in life’s rich tapestry, enjoying life to the full in our retirement village of our choice!.
    Before you get too complacent Mr Graham, I wish to share an ‘amber nectar ‘with you and your company of friends, and just enjoy the few moments in time when that ‘amber nectar’ reaches the other parts that remind me of why you went on the voyage of providing the dream of a ‘retirement village concept’’ It is still in my mind very much alive, and if not more relevant to days society within the UK.
    By the way we need the warm and spirit of each other, and as winter approaches and we pass again NOVEMBER 5th. {bonfire=pyre}. With that bonfire ‘parkin’ and then the roasted spud done in the ashes, washed down with a good cup of tea or good cheer. Winter may present the oncoming of dark and cold nights: However within this retirement Village of ours we like to kick the traces and laugh and dance to the light fandango and other tunes. It all warms the cockles of ones’ heart.
    Do we need death in the title of your blogs anymore, just let’s say Hull , Hell and Halifax, and that one catches the train to one destination of choice? Or maybe as the Duttons Brewery Of Blackburn said of its ales OBJ- [oh be joyful?] And then that retirement village with ‘pearly gates’? But not just yet please?

    • john graham says:

      A spirited response to my dour predictions. Let’s hope assisted suicide doesn’t become the norm, I believe assisted living is a better option.
      Then as Mark Twain said, we can all say, “The report of my death is an exaggeration “ 😀

  2. davidfreeman says:


  3. davidfreeman says:

    just testing, the sun has got too me!
    I see the media are having fun 30+ degrees centigrade [95? Fahrenheit}, what next??? WE have been banging on about the oldies, this weather, and good lord, are making sure we meet our maker with a good dose of sun tan, on that wrinkly old skin of ours-should you care to go half undressed or with no knickers on to the local beaches, or other seaside palaces of pleasure, or just a stroll to the local ice cream parlour or the visiting ice cream van salesman, for that ’99 cornet, or mivvie ice lolly?
    I am sure the media will be full of words such as ”It a’int half hot”? Mum but where are you? Down at the NHS/social services requesting an air conditioning unit- Then there phrases may be too expensive? and then as a lead in the Daily Mail today 24 JULY 2018, euthanasia on the increase in Belgium??? What ever will we dream of next as a society of human beings. The phrase ‘dog eat dog, comes to mind? I trust not and hope our faith in life persists, and we all fight on.to be equitable and trusting of our fellow man.
    But it a’int half hot, please pass me the bag of frozen peas from the freezer so I can brush my forehead and think in a more constructive frame of mind

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