76th Birthday? Move to the Country

As I write this blog sitting in my quiet country cottage garden, I may be about to be joined by thousands of older people.  An official report by the Government Office of National Statistics confirms that you are likely to live longer in the country.

It’s something to do with fresh air, healthy lifestyles, oh! and being richer.  Only Governments would need to spend money on research to conclude something that is common sense to so many people.  Over 2.4 million people have already moved to more rural surroundings.  70% of country dwellers were not born there.

Villages in Dorset have the longest living residents, so you don’t have to spoil my rural tranquility.

However if you’re a 76 year-old man you do need to get moving – in the town you could die any time now but in the country you have two more years ahead of you!  (Ladies your figures are 81 in town and 82/83 in the country).

So if you’re reading this and 76, hop on a bus right now and move.  Unless of course you have heard of the expression “lies, damned lies and statistics”.

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1 Response to 76th Birthday? Move to the Country

  1. Great! What is the secret, living in the countryside, and a rural existence, in 2019 does this mean:- no buses , transport, no shops, no money exchanges [banks], and then do we all pay by plastic cards-no cash to buy even a newspaper or a stamp to see hear, read how the rest of the world [community] is surviving?
    I wonder al you hear or see in the media is these is ”the country yobo’s who deal in illegal drug substances, and to boot, no local PC plod[bobby] on his bicycle talking to the locals. Where Oh where has modern society gone wrong? Or has it, within some of the city outskirts one may come across a society called a retirement village of some 350 souls living a lifestyle they believe in, with friendship, close to local amenities, and the problems of everyday life well thought out to help and support the elderly person[s] whether, married-partnered, or single, or widowed, or a widower. All living to various ages? However if you look carefully the average age is some 79 years, which in fact as I look around me, some are in their 90’s and the vast majority in their mid 80’s all helping each other, and some volunteering to assist and bring the community alive!
    So one does not have to be retiring to a rural retreat for that ideal idly, it is what one wishes to dream about, and live an active life.

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