Ageism Czar

After 18 months in the job at the age of 77, Dame Joan Bakewell has decided to step down from the role of Czar for Older People.

What is the role about?

What are the outcomes to be achieved?

What has been achieved by the Czar so far?

Certainly there has been a lot of discussion about the elderly in the run up to the 2010 election, but all the promises have amounted to nothing.  The proposals have all been kicked into the long grass of a Commission.  A Czar without power or even influence is not a vehicle for social policy and can achieve very little.  Will a Commission fare any better?

If the Czar is just a figure-head, who should be the next Czar?

How about the Queen, she qualifies age-wise and has the status to command a Royal hearing?

If not, how about Dame Vera Lynn if she can get in the hit parade at 90, who knows what more she can do?

Alternatively, a younger but ageing rocker – Roger Daltry, from The Who could talk about “my generation”?

Or how about Cliff Richard on a concert tour at the age of 70 – he could put new meaning into “The Young Ones”.

Joanna Lumley, certainly stuck it to the Government on behalf of the Gurka’s perhaps she would do an equally belligerent job for all old people? 

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2 Responses to Ageism Czar

  1. blackwatertown says:

    Tariq Ali – not 100% sure he qualifies on age. Nor that he would do it. But he can get angry.
    Or – less well known – journalist and activist – Derryman Eamonn McCann.

  2. David Evans , Cardiff says:

    Trying to think of just one person to represent the views of older people is very difficult. There are many elderly people who do so much voluntarily in their communities in later life. I suggest that every local council nominates someone annually as a Czar for older people in their community. Their views could be publicised in the local press and perhaps they could get together every year and build a manifesto to be presented to Members of Parliament.

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