Grey Power

After an article about exercise equipment in Hyde Park for the older generation, there was a tongue-in-cheek follow-up in the Times’ letters by Susan Whitfield of London, 22 May 2010, which suggests connecting the exercise machines to the National Grid and using them to make energy.  She goes on to propose having machines in every park and pedestrian precinct.

Maybe since they have so much spare time, all retired people should have to do an hour a day of “energy generation exercise” to earn their entitlement to a State Pension.

The wealthy and the frail could pay more energetic pensioners to do their exercise for them – an “E.G.E. off set”.

Power companies could compete for elderly power workers by designing and building the most interesting exercise machines.

GSrunningwheelclr2 (3)

The Millenium Wheel could be converted into a vast treadmill and relocated in Hyde Park.  Then hundreds of old people could go on a stroll in the park and produce energy at the same time.

Roman slave ship scale rowing machines could be moored all along the Thames for all London pensioners to do their daily exercise and generation.

How many more ideas are there for older people to exercise and create energy?

It certainly brings a whole new meaning to the older generation and to “grey power”.


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1 Response to Grey Power

  1. David Evans , Cardiff says:

    My big idea would be to start by turning off all the central heating. Most places are far too hot. Hospitals and accommodation for older people are like greenhouses most of the time.

    When we grew up there was no central heating only coal fires and then only in one room. Ice on the inside of bedroom windows was normal in the winter and we didn’t even have duvets in those days so extra blankets and bedsocks had to do instead. I suppose we didn’t have big heating bills and I don’t remember having all the colds and coughs that seem to be around these days.

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