“iPhone Geek”

As a new old geek on the block, whenever I go out now it is essential that I can be in contact with all my Facebook, Twittering, Texting friends at all times.    So I need a mobile phone.    Not one of those box sized, brick weight phones that first came out.

I have to have the latest model mobile with 3G, 4G or probably by tomorrow 5G.    I don’t know what “G” stands for but obviously the more “G’s” the better.    Maybe it stands for “Geek”.

Phones are fashion items amongst my arcade mates, so I need one with all the bells and whistles.    Except phones don’t have bells anymore, they were replaced by ring tones.    The only problem is that I keep putting my new MP3 player to my ear when my phone ring tone goes off.    Still, Vera Lynn singing “White Cliffs of Dover” is very recognisable down the arcade.

Talking to yourself used to be one of the signs of advancing years.    But now I can do it with impunity.    Most of my young friends seem to be talking to themselves all the time.

Except of course when they are TXTING.    That’s a whole new world of communication which I have yet to master.    It means you can relay every idle thought every minute of every day.    Providing you can type while you walk, or even in the middle of a conversation with some else.    TXTING is one of those new multi-tasking ideas that allows you never to have to concentrate on one thing for long.    It is a sort of new age dementia.

Finally, my new phone is also a camera and I already have some excellent shots of my feet and some really captivating photos of the toffee paper in my trouser pocket.

iphonegeek4_ (2)

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  1. Dear ‘Newton’ as you contemplate which apple, and then again which way will it fall? what about your ‘Gg’s’ on the mobile phone type. Eureka is the call from Archimedies- it is the number of ‘G-Strings’ that one must connect together, to hide ones modesty, as one approches senility and old age, sat in a chair and growing unfit but a little stouter or would you prefer ‘FATTER’. It is not that you are one of those slimline, nubile 20 year old females of godess proportions? The phone you describe is gross, but like you as you, search for that toffe paper in your pockets, comforting and cuddly, and loving!! Something some object somebody to love and admire.
    Again it could be that old object a gee gee, which you could mount and ride off into the sunset with, sat upright in the saddle, with ‘GEE’s’ slang for dollars in multiplies of 100, in your pocket not toffee papers, or is it ‘ a thing to worship and a ‘GOD’-‘O’. Give me a ring ‘gee’ man it is new year? We are all waiting with baited breath- Not the last gasp just yet.

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