“Granny Knows Best”

After multi-million pounds have been spent on medical research into heart disease, the drug industry came up with a new wonder drug “STATINS”.  Now the accepted drug of choice for many doctors and millions of their pill hungry patients.  In fact 5.2 million people are estimated to be eligible to take the drug in the UK.  In some quarters it is agreed that everyone over 50 should be offered them – that is 17.6 million people.  A zillion pills, lots of busier doctors and millions of pounds for the tax payer to pay since most of the recipients get free prescriptions.

For my elderly friend, Pilly Galore, Statins are the latest must have designer drug of the day.  Pilly would not be seen without one.  (See earlier Pilly blogs by clicking on “PILLS” in the TAG CLOUD).

An inconvenient piece of research at Oxford University reported in the British Medical Journal comes to a rather simpler conclusion.

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 137

Whereas prescribing Statins to 17.6 million older people would reduce heart attacks and strokes by 9,400 a year, it does potentially have side effects of diabetes for 10,000 people.

However, an apple a day for the 22 million Britons over 50 could avert 8,500 deaths.

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  1. O Dear, I am now a statins’ taker, and a beleiver in ‘Smilles and Grumbles’ and I did not go to Oxford Uni: However I also eat an apple a day, so the grim reaper can have his choice, and the NHS and the quacks, I think need the beds and can have the bedpans at the ready! Sir!!!

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