“Stay Active, Stay Young” 2

Just before Christmas 2013 I was writing about the importance for older people of staying active (click on this link to see the earlier blog –  Stay Active, Stay Young).

In response to the blog, I received a reply from my most prolific commentor – David Freeman.   David has posted over 100 comments on the blog over the last 12 months, each of which uniquely add to my views in a humorous and well informed way.

David is a great example of the philosophy espoused in the title of this blog.   I’m far too polite to ask how old he is, but judging by the depth of his knowledge I would guess he must be at least 96 🙂 or maybe even older 🙂 :-).    Nonetheless he enjoys a host of activities both old and new – the list is endless and no doubt some of them are just in his wishful imagination e.g. chasing young girls.   For a better description of them, see David’s comment in the blog mentioned above, but below is Tommy Graham’s illustration of some of the things David seems to be getting up to.


It’s a lively spirit and a positive view on life that enables people to overcome the challenges of advancing years.   By the time he reads this blog, David, will no doubt, be 36 again !

Let me use this as an opportunity to thank David for everything he has contributed to the blog over the years and hope he will continue to post comments in the years ahead.

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 136

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1 Response to “Stay Active, Stay Young” 2

  1. Alas dear ‘Yourath’ I am but a shadow of myself, Bits and pieces have fallen off, or fail to function, or indeed mis function! How old am I? I am silth like, snake hips, and off course hansome is as hansome does, and as you say maybe 36? It is only the mirror and I, that talk these days, and my mentors in white coats-ready to cart me off to that padded romm, called sanity where I cannot hurt anyone or myself!
    It is a sad day if one allows ones self to become old, many of my companions, friends male and female in this my retirement village, remind me of mental agility and (Card sharps or snooker buffs, and that odd cheeky comment-but playful), and those gentle things called human relationships, and a few kindness’es such as please and thank you, that make me smile and glad to enjoy the company of my fellow human being. It is all in the touch that smooth warm silky stroke from someone who cares what I am and what I do- All is wonderful!!!
    All I can add is DEAR JOHN, not the variety of my post as a younger person in the merchant marine, but that of a true saviour and friend. Happy New Year to you, your family, and your readers. Also, May your life be long and full off promises, as mine is every dawn.

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