“Stay Active – Stay Young”

Interesting research from Texas University in Dallas reported in the Journal of Psychological Science, supports the view that older people should continue to challenge themselves and learn new skills.   They found that in a group of 60-90 year olds, those that developed new skills had better memories than those engaging more passive home-based activities like crosswords or listening to music.

(See the results of our GrumbleSmiles survey by clicking on “CAFE PROJECT” in the TAG CLOUD and scroll down until you find the graph on New Skills).

It is not just about new skills, it is also about getting out and engaging with other people.

At ExtraCare Charitable Trust, opportunities for activity and interaction was our raison d’être.   There were over 80 different activities that were made available to people.    Among the most popular new skills were:-

Singing in a choir  —-  there are at least 15 different choirs who perform in their own schemes and also in the community, as well as an annual Christmas concert at that spectacular venue Symphony Hall in Birmingham.

Computer Skills    —-  all the retirement villages have computer suites.  Many of them also have tutors who can improve your computer skills.

Art Classes   —-   an opportunity to learn a new skill.  Most of these are taught by residents who are already accomplished artists.

Woodcraft  —-  bird tables and wheel-barrows for plants seem to be popular lines, but it is also somewhere that you can get help with a broken chair or table.

Ceramics  —-     the perfect place to make your own unique Christmas presents.

Dancing   —-     the most informal way of keeping fit and the Tower Ballroom at Blackpool is only a quick, quick, slow step away.

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4 Responses to “Stay Active – Stay Young”

  1. My dear old ‘twinkle toes, as |I listen to Slade in my pink hair style, with my art brush in my mouth, i draw lines on the canvas: of thinks i never thouhgt about before, or on my computer sketch pad with my magic pen! I sit down with on my home made rush topped stool, and sing to my hearts content, and then I may take a cup or a glass of kindness from my neighbour in the cafe.
    I lie through my teeth, pass wind, tell stories and generally misbehave! But what a way to go?
    I take my book from the library ( Wind in the Willows-and many others), call in at the shop from my bounty bar or other treat, talk to reception, find out where I am supposed to Be? and then for the effect I get my ‘wig’ cut before i settle down to a masterful game of whist/cribbage, or someones wake? I just hope I have met the unfortunate being, before their passing, and made a friend or aquaintence of them, recounting tales of yore like ‘Long John Silver’, and before I am kiddnapped by the grim reaper.
    Lots more to do, than bang on on this dear old site, so ‘Mr Twinkle Toes, a quick Jive, or a waltz please with me? But not the last one just yet- that is reserved? If you understand what I mean?
    I will dance with you if you sign my card in the line dancing classes, in the order of the western movie- John Wayne eat your heart out, the cavalry are not here yet for the rescue.
    Is this all rubbish?/ maybe, but it is my rubbish, and my memories? And I am please I am still making new one.
    Any Buddy Holly Tune will suffice as the curtain falls on this espistle.

    • john graham says:

      Thank you David. This is a great reply and very much written in the spirit that the GrumbleSmiles blog itself is written. I’ll reflect on it and reply in the same spirit early in the New Year.

  2. I trust ‘O’ Stout One’ I shall here about you or from ‘U’ or even blog between ourselves in this fast approaching New Year 2014. Happy New Year John, and a Happy New year to all those Bloggers out there, for 2014- I am not sure what the chinese new year is? is the OX??? or have I bo booed again???

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