Geeky New Year

New Years Day  everywhere is supposed to be closed for the bank holiday, but not the internet which is 24 / 7 / 365.    Ever alert  / ever available / everywhere.

So to mix my media.   I was reading last year’s article in the Sunday Times supplement 31/12/2013, which was an interview with Ray Kurzwell about technology in the future.   He should know, he is Google’s Director of Engineering , and here is one of his future geek thoughts for the not too faraway years ahead :-

Driverless Cars are just around the corner 

  •  that should be the end of Jeremy Clarkson – no more boy’s toys;
  • Even better, if speed is controlled and the Highway Code is embedded in the auto chauffer programme, we won’t need traffic police any more and all those little white vans hiding behind hedges can be sent to the scrap heap 🙂
  • No more speeding fines,  no more parking tickets;
  • No more accidents,  no need for seat belts,  drink while you are driven 🙂
  • Taxi drivers throughout the world will be redundant, although you will probably find yourself at some wrong destinations from time to time;
  • Their will be no more of those endlessly repeated ” police, camera, action” videos on TV;
  • no need for driving licences – DVLA will just exist to issue personalised number plates.


Always assuming:-

  • you have implicit faith in computers never going wrong;
  • that everyone else has a driverless computer-controlled car;
  • and that pigs can fly !
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2 Responses to Geeky New Year

  1. Dear o dear Have you no faith? What about all those elderly alhzmiers sufferes and senial demenia patients, gadding along byways and high ways in mobility scooters and self propoelled wheelchairs? Would you then say pigs can fly? come come gentlemen this is here and now, and I am sure the author of that piece last new year in the Times could read the stars!! Watch Out there is one behind you right now!
    We need quacks and computers for the elderly, who! ( The elderly) show us the way when things go radically wrong!!The danger is they have a mind, thoughts and possibly not all in order, but as eric morcame once said all correctly presented and logically to themselves.
    Where Have I left my ignitions keys, or is it my fob! for alerting assistance? This modern life is comnfusing?? do you not think so? Stop me and talk, I can listen but I may not hear you??

  2. Unfortunate Juxta Position was my fist mention of Haley & Roy Cropper of Coronation Street on your Blog: I have just lost my place so forgive me: Iam not what I am Co Herant and logical. Sincereapologise XXX To All
    I have no idea where I posted my earlier comment of today on the subject: Please keep watching you may catch up with me, and the men in white coats????

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