“I want to be an old Geek”

As I get older I get more and more like the grumpy old man in the GrumbleSmiles banner to my blog, but I don’t want to be seen as an old git.    I would rather be :-


Some welcome news from researchers at the University of California found that pensioners made dramatic improvements in multi-tasking ability and memory after only 12 hours of playing video games.    In fact they ended up being better than 20 year olds!

The video game is based on a driving challenge using a joy stick whilst at the same time pushing buttons to respond to road signs.    It must be a bit like driving a car on the motorway and using a mobile phone at the same time, which lots of young people seem to do already.

Not all the research from this University can be relied on, see my earlier post entitled “Expensive Cure” which can be found in the ARCHIVE dated April 2013.


So I am off down to the games arcade on the High Street just as soon as I have found some baggy clothes to wear and bought a new pair of Converse Trainers.

P.S.  You have to be a GEEK to understand this cartoon 🙂

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1 Response to “I want to be an old Geek”

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Old ‘Geek’ u say, I hear your call, and the before blog the snake oil from Grape skin in ‘wrinkle mania’ What a load of ‘TOSH’ I believe u 2 b, and I have not seen a picture of u, a wizened old person, gracing the golden years, a glass of plonk ‘ Chataue de Elder Flower’ at the ready (spelling), a rose between ones teeth – Which glisten like a ‘Crocs set of dentures’ (Ready to snap smartly at any smart alec!), and last but not least a smile such as a baby with wind, Just wreathed in pleasure, and perfuming the surrounding as you may c fit.
    Have I got the picture?? My mirror tells me I have, but do u enjoy life? ‘It is 4 Living? is it Knot? A conundrum 4 U.
    To answer this blog specifically: ‘It is all a game if 1 plays it right’ I am 4 winning!!!

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