“Wrinkle Mania”

Wrinkles take years to acquire. A lifetime of effort and experience.

Then almost as soon as they have them, most women do their utmost to get rid of them.

Facelifts, Botox and anti-ageing products are in the vanguard of the rage against age.

The latest snake-oil miracle cure designed to “Halt the onset of Time”, is a capsule and face cream package called “Prototype” which is made from antioxidants found in grape skins.  Prototype is something of an unfortunate name, since it suggests they are still working on getting the formula just right.   To help enhance the miracle cure —- they have added Vitamin B6 – to speed up skin healing and burns (maybe the Prototype didn’t work so well to start with ?).   Then they have added Vitamin C – essential for collagen synthesis and protection from the sun’s rays (no mention of scurvy ?) and finally Vitamin E – for skin tightening (cheaper than a facelift).

If it is as good as it sounds, most 80 year olds will look like 25 again.  Providing they can afford the £39.99 in Boots !

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2 Responses to “Wrinkle Mania”

  1. Mabel Dodd says:

    I’ve discovered a quicker way of getting rid of the wrinkles and tightening up the facial muscles, and it’s completely free of charge….

    Simply take off your glasses before you look in the mirror and hey presto, your face looks as young as you feel inside!

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