“Old Geek 3”

Now I am really getting into being an old geek; I think I should get an MP3 player.    I don’t know what one is, but all my new young mates down the arcade have them.    They keep them plugged in their ears all the time, so perhaps it is some sort of hearing aid.

First I have to go out and buy a baseball cap with a big peak.    Everyone wears them back to front.  I suppose this is to keep the sun off the back of their neck.    It also explains why they then have to wear dark glasses.

Next I had better buy an oversized track suit top with a hood.    You have to keep the hood up at all times, even if it is not raining – except when you have your baseball hat on back to front that is.

So, suitably dressed, I begin the search for an MP3 player.    I started by looking it up in my trusty Oxford English Dictionary – that just said Member of Paliament – but I can’t imagine all these youngsters are listening in to the Daily Politics Show.     So I googled MP3 and came up with  2,950,000,000 answers.    That’s helpful!

Still I did find out that MP3 stands for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3.    So now I know?

Oh, and MPEG is short for Motion Picture Experts Group, which is good for us techie geeks to know.  And will probably be a question on a TV quiz show one of these days.

I also found out I can get speaker docks to go with my MP3 player and there is one called Ashampoo.    Which maybe a bit late for me to get the full benefit of.

Perhaps I will leave getting an MP3 player for a while, ……..dazed and confused, I guess I will just have to soldier on with my 78’s on the gramophone.

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3 Responses to “Old Geek 3”

  1. I have had enough of your antics??? I am off tpo catch my 33 Bus, to Leeds or was that Menston? I do not know these days? However your rantings of a MP3 player, a tablet and even a mobile phone, I feel I need a PhD in life to understand what is passing me by. Give me my slippers, a cup of tea, the radio, and some one to talk too and I may just be happy.!!!
    Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to all your Blog site readers. It is soon my bedtime so my cocoa and hotty booty await me, for sweet dreams.

    • john graham says:

      Hope you have your free bus pass with you. You are in danger of becoming an “Old Git” without an MP3 player 🙂
      Also be careful with that hot water bottle, you should maybe get an up to date health and safety officer to check it out before you get into hot water.

      • Listen my ‘son’ I have just won in a ticket reffle with my wife Molly a ‘CD Player’!! I maybe calling on all your experience to how one plugs in the machine/tunes it up and thirdly enjoy the momments. ‘Me an OLD GIT never! I am too good looking????

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