“Old Geek 2”

In my new-found head long rush to be an elderly geek staying one jump ahead of my new cool young mates in the games arcade, I have got to get a new digital watch.

(See my earlier post on this subject by clicking on “Old Geek” in the Tag Cloud.)

No ordinary watch but the latest old man about town, all singing, all dancing Samsung Galaxy Gear, with 4 giga bytes of memory and Bluetooth.    How cool is that?

The 4 gigabytes of memory will be able to remind me about all those things I keep forgetting.    It will also be able to receive e-mails and texts which means I will never need a moment to myself ever again 🙂 .    I have to admit I am not too sure what to do with the Bluetooth, maybe I will go to my dentist and ask him.    I am sure blue teeth aren’t good for you.

The phone also has two microphones and one speaker.     Seems strange that, I would have thought you needed two speakers and one microphone to go with two ears and one mouth.    But what do I know?

This new super-duper gadget also has a “pedometer” which is great because bending down to cut your toe nails gets harder as you get older.    Another useful feature is an “accelerometer”, which I suppose gives you little electric shocks to stop you nodding off all the time.


This gadget could be of great assistance to older people.    Haven’t seen any mention of “telling the time” but maybe there won’t be time for that between all the emails, texts and electric shocks.

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1 Response to “Old Geek 2”

  1. I just wonder! What has happened to that index finger-the fundemental orifice, and the mind in neutral? Do you then tickle oneself? Do you do this in public in these teenage arcades, with all those games machines? I am afraid that is all i could relate too: However your cartoons are worth a thousand words! Keep going you may yet be my Soloman? (Grunday), born on monday. Happy drawing and scripting.

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