“Clutter Head”

My head is full of clutter.    Things I think about, but are too complicated to resolve there and then.    So they just stay there.    Another spec of cerebral dust, until eventually I become dust myself.

In the meantime my life becomes an accumulation of lifetime dust.    Everything from fleeting memories to treasured possessions.

Let’s just take two small examples  :-

I have a drawer full of socks.    Black socks – 20 pairs plus a few single odd socks that have long since lost the soul mate.    Short black socks for summer, long ones for winter.    If I had a summer sock drawer and a winter sock drawer, I could simplify my sock sorting problem.    I would just need a bigger house and more drawers.

Alternatively, I could just wear long black socks all the time and turn them down in the summer.    OR at least in the summer I could wear no socks at all.   I had an old fashioned school master in my first junior school, at Hereford Road in Abergavenny, Mr. Sam Champion.  He never wore socks.     I can’t remember anything he taught me, but his  lack of socks resurfaced when I was writing this blog and must have left an indelible memory in my cluttered mind.

Meanwhile, I could throw away all my grey socks, fawn socks and green socks.    Then there are all my walking socks.    Actually they are not really walking socks.    I have to do the walking and they just look out for the drawer and remind me I am not walking.

That is the trouble with too many socks, they not only fill up your drawers, they also clutter up your head with mindless thoughts.

So do   TIES.    Especially now I don’t wear them very often – but I like them – they are full of memories of where I bought them.    The Guggenheim Museum in Venice, a Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.    A Jackson Pollock Exhibition at Tate Modern in London.    And many more that cost a fortune in Saville Row over the years.    Too expensive to throw away, they hold no memories for anyone else, but they are a warm reflection in my wardrobe.    Dare I get rid of those lost days or do I become a tie hoarder?


I am becoming a “Pig Pen” in the Schultz Peanuts cartoons forever tramping around with a cloud of dust circling around my head.

To paraphrase Charley Brown “I am carrying around the dust of ancient civilisations”, or in my case the socks and ties of the last twenty years.  Or as “Pig Pen” would say:-

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 130

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4 Responses to “Clutter Head”

  1. Alternatively you could go and live on a boat – I now have only 5 pairs of socks (no single socks…they’re long since gone) and no ties (although not sure I’ve ever owned a tie). Is the reason that you’ve been too busy to come to Coventry because you’ve been counting socks?! :o)

  2. Mabel Dodd says:

    You are funny John. This post really made me smile: something we can all relate to. We’ve all collected too much “stuff” and are then reluctant to get rid of it (unless like Christine we go live on a boat and are forced to downsize drastically!) By the way, I love the cartoon Tom’s drawn of you as Pig Pen. 🙂

  3. Dear John, What about having socks that are right and left handed-then where is your problem?. Or if you really are a solver of riddles what not get your loved ones to purchase your socks with individual pinkies, so that you may in your hurry, cloud or may I call it dotage shout eureka!! to a left and right handed sock, never mind if the pattern or colour match is a pair? Or are you cerabally challenged, such that the right side of your brain is fighting the left your brain for supremicy ( Female against Male Logic?). Only you can answer John, but please do keep your feet warm, the cold weather cometh, and I expect form the toes up some more deep thoughts to arise, like a good loaf that you are!!.
    Mind the grey cloud about your head in the cartoon does not become a Halo and strangle you!! But I do have kind thoughts about you? Happy Hallowean, and may you light and have a good bonefire-You Old Guy!!

  4. Lisa Horn says:

    Hi… I was searching Google for an image that would be applicable to a video that I am making for a class in my graduate program. I love your grandpa pig pen dust storm cartoon and I was wondering if I could have permission to use it in my video. I would be for personal use only and I’m required to give the original designer credit within my video. I can also forward you a link to my video when complete (couple weeks). Thanks, Lisa

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