“The Irony of De-cluttering”

I have just finished writing a blog on de-cluttering when there is a knock on the back door.    It is the post lady with a clutch of letters which are too big to put through the letter box at the front.

Just when I thought I was getting tidy again, I have a whole lot of new mail to replace the mail I have just thrown out:-


  • A bank statement which, after a cursory glance, I will file in the pending tray in my office.    Several months later, if I get round to it, I will file it in the box file marked “Bank” and never look at it again.    Eventually maybe several years later, when I have got no more room for box files, I will have a bonfire in the garden and burn all the bank statements.    Then I will start the process all over again.    Maybe it is time I switched to online banking?
  • The second letter was about equity release.   I enquired about it four years ago.    After reading the brochure, I was lucky enough to receive a phone call every month for a year, even though I told them I was not interested.    Ever after I have had a letter every few months, just in case I change my mind I suppose.    I guess they will never go away.
  • The third letter was an invitation to sign up for a magazine whose subscription I cancelled.    I imagine they can’t stand rejection, so I expect I will be receiving regular letters from them as well.

The irony of de-cluttering is that what I do best is:

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 131

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1 Response to “The Irony of De-cluttering”

  1. Irony?? Are you suggesting that the postman and his mailbag is unwelcomed? or are you perplexed by the quality of junk mail, and listing among your senders -The bank/equity release and then for relaxation ‘Readfers Digest’? All these bedfellows one has had in ones lifetime as one gently rolls over to dotage with respect to the daily grind of what one may call modern living!!! ( You have in past bloggs commented on all these ills). By the way you have allegedly attacked my friendly postman, at least I can dump/declutter at my own pace. The ones I get really annoyed with are the ‘Email’ and cold callers on my mobile telephone, and sometimes my Landline? They appear to secrectly talk to each other, pass on my communications addrees and numbers, regardless of which service I have applied for, and signed up to their indivdual privacy terms and conditions? I do at times question my engine searchers intentions on the net, and wonder if ‘they’ are viewing registring, and then retransmitting sections of what I like to view on the view, such as my most often web site visit. It is all perplexing and annoying, and as I say at least the postman/lady can have a smile, a friendly hello and then you may at your leisure have the proverbial bonfire, and not the ‘Blown Fuse’ while one fumes at an electronic gadget of sorts.

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