“Breakfast Tradition” 2

I love marmalade, the stronger and thicker-cut the better.  (See my earlier blogs by clicking on “BREAKFAST” in the TAG CLOUD).

Sadly, it seems like I am increasingly in a minority.  Sales of marmalade fell by 6.2% in the last 12 months according to figures quoted in The Grocer Magazine.

Research analysts Mintel found that only 7% of families enjoy marmalade for breakfast compared to 36% 40 years ago.

What is the world coming to?  Traditions are the anchor points in our ever-changing lives.  We all need some stability and marmalade is one of mine.

Soon there will be just me, Paddington Bear and Frank Cooper left at the breakfast table.

Breakfast Tradition 2v 2

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2 Responses to “Breakfast Tradition” 2

  1. Alex Robinson says:

    Don’t worry John – I am still a marmalade user too (but only at weekends). Alex

  2. you maybe now older and more silvery, how’ that marmalado called ‘silver shred?’ May be it is still around, like u it invokes memories! Naught but nice ones!

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