Memory Card Readers — Post Script

In the middle of writing my previous blog about card readers, my iPad flashed up a message that the battery was getting low.  No problem.  It happens most days but with my newly acquired geeky skills, to recharge it I simply plug in a USB plug into my iPad.  It’s a good job I know that Universal Serial Buses plug into iPads 🙂

But.  It didn’t work :-(.  No fuses to mend, I unplugged it and plugged it in again.  I’ve seen professional geeks do this.  Although I don’t know why.  It still didn’t work! 😦 :-(.

I switched off my iPad and tried again.  TWICE!  But no luck.  My battery was draining away before my eyes and there seemed to be nothing I can do about it. 😦 😦 :-(.

Then I had an idea ——– Mo has an iPad.  I will borrow her USB plug.  After agreeing not to take it out of her sight, she let me use it.  Only problem was, it didn’t fit.  Mo’s older iPad had a different type of USB plus to mine 😦 😦 😦 😦 .

Maybe my iPad is broken forever 😦 😦 😦 😦 :-(.

Maybe I have to buy a new iPad 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

Just before I gave up, I plugged it in again one final time.  And it worked 🙂

Frustrating or what !

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2 Responses to Memory Card Readers — Post Script

  1. A true geek, maybe all the item/ghismo/electronics savior machine needed was a swift kick in the Butt? may be you had lost your frustration on the object of desire, and that after it had been dropped/rattled and shaken about the loose battery, or its connections made ”One” again. Can you remember your exact movements with the machine of your hearts desire: What ever you said or did it reacted to you, with pleasure and kindness! What you may wish for is to practice a little more in your life’s cycle is looove and lots of it?? Talk to MO, I note her ‘Ghismo is connected only for her and you are ostracized! You poor Old Bugger- get a new USB : Or are your that [Useless bugger] I referred too yesterday.??
    Peace man, peace, go back to ones weed!

  2. Alex Robinson says:

    Hi John

    Your recent blog about ipads and USB’s clearly showed one of the key issues (problems) with Apple. They are proprietry in all the important places. It can be very frustrating. You have to be impressed with their marketing team – they sell an “OK” product which needs all its own add-ons at a very high price.

    But glad you sorted out the charging problem.

    As an analogy, perhaps older people need an Apple-type marketing department?

    Just like Apple products, older people have their quirks and can be expensive to support but they come with all those benefits that mean they are very popular and there are so many of them:

    Bags of experience and know the answers to lots of problems – not phased by anything and have seen it all before – brilliant for free trips for grandchildren and baby sitting – can offer marvellous loan plans – give endless love and rarely complain – don’t try to compete with anyone but are brilliant friends.

    Perhaps you are aiming to be their marketing department with your blog because our favourite charity does not seem to be it?

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