Snowshill Manor Clutter

I went to Snowshill Manor in Gloucestershire recently and it gave me a whole new perspective on clutter.     The guy who owned it originally, Mr Charles Paget Wade, was an architect who liked collecting things.      All sorts of things, anything and everything.

It made me wonder if I have been going in totally the wrong direction with all this de- cluttering, perhaps Walt and George should have written a book called ” Seek it, Heap it and Keep it.”  (You can see my earlier blogs on de-cluttering by clicking on “CLUTTER” in the TAG CLOUD).

Mr Wade amassed a great collection of bicycles, swords, children’s toys, boxes, tins, fabrics, Chinese artefacts (although I didn’t know what they were) …….   and models of ships, cobblers foot lasts,  spectacles, kitchen pots, ladders,  silver goblets, glasses and pans …….   and wheelchairs, suits of armour, soap, beds, looms, samurai warriors, dolls houses …….  and books and telescopes and locks and coins and stones and sticks and jars and  model engines …….  and globes,  leather boots, ladies dresses.  I have probably missed just a few hundred things.  In one sense the house was full of clutter but because they were all things from the past, they were also curiosities.

The displays were head-spinningly confusing and not at all unravelled by any useful labels or explanations.  Hidden in the half-light of deliberately dark displays.    If there was any order to Mr Ward’s collecting, it was that there was no order!

It was GREAT !

Evidently Mr Wade wanted visitors to his collection to have the joy of discovery and this was behind his reasoning for keeping the collections poorly illuminated.  I don’t quite buy this logic because I found it more frustrating than illuminating.  I would suggest to the National Trust that they give every visitor a small torch when they enter the building.

He must have had a ball ………. and loads of money ………. and lots of time………and a very tolerant wife !       He wasn’t cluttering he was collecting for posterity.    He made a virtue out of hoarding.       Not a minimalist, he was more your gold-plated maximalist!

I wonder if I should get all my thrown-away clutter back from Daventry rubbish tip ?

There will be a copy of Walt Hopkins and George Simons’ book — “Seven Ways to Lighten Your Life Before You Kick the Bucket” — for the best ideas on de-cluttering.

Perhaps I should send a copy of Walt and George’s book to Mr Charles Paget Wade posthumously?

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4 Responses to Snowshill Manor Clutter

  1. davidwfreeman237 says:

    Ah ah! young man, been there, done that, got the ‘TEE’ shirt. Molly and I like to revisit Broadway, and Snowshill Manor, on our old foggie NT membership, its like your club ‘Extracare’ one to join and enjoy! Have we seen the light? I do not know, but I follow my enlightened leaders, into the future.

  2. davidwfreeman237 says:

    question for all-the date sunday13 August 2017: Have you looked at the papers today? Mail on Sunday, and gazed at the horroscope pages? and the stars ? and wondered how ones future lies? or if ones pension is safe? Or indeed if one has a retirement home to call home?
    All this ‘crap ‘ you may say, but i hasten to allude to past pages in this ‘blog of blogs’ and the trials and trivulations of SOUTHERN CROSS!
    Today there was a financial report that a labour investor had , or was buying into the ‘BUPA’ group of homes? and the resultant small print revealed funds by a certain date, or was it lack of funds. It makes for a cold read, until the position is clarified?
    May be it is all smoke and mirrors, and are the Labour Party going into Nationalisation of care and Nursing homes, or are they being the wolves at the door to the house the three little piggies built?
    I feel another election is due for the Last Laugh Looney Party?
    Answers on a postcard please.

  3. wednesday 16 August evenings ITV News, this mornings DailY mail, still the story rumbles along about finance for the care home industry, and the plight of the BUPA Organisation, and reference in the paper to the as mention here on this”’ blog” The Southern Cross fiasco?? We are all going to ”Hell” in a handcart with no one at the tiller/wheel?? Oh Dear!! Oh Dear!!

  4. davidwfreeman237 says:

    AUGUST 16 th. 2017 Again a reference on this evenings TV news ”Not enough homes” for the elderly, and how the youngster can not buy out/mortgage Properties to live in-too expensive/larger deposit required/ and the governments propert tax is wrong and out of date: Well who is being unreasonable, how does one solve a problem like ‘Maria’ as the film show song goes, someone some where has to be understanding and reasonable?
    We need leaders not with wallets but hearts, compassion and reasoned thoughts so we all are able to eat at least a slice of the cake? metophorically.

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