” More Age Rage “

Two months ago I wrote  a couple of posts on pensioners in Sheffield protesting about cuts to free travel.  (see “Protesting Generation” by clicking on  January 2015 in the Archive)

Now on the 23rd March at a rally in London organised by  Age UK the prime Minister came along hoping to woo some friendly grey voters and get some positive pre-election publicity.  How wrong can you be?

The pensioner audience were in no mood for politician platitudes and evasive answers. Mr Cameron had an uncomfortable reception. Faced with questions about the NHS and cuts in social care, his answers were greeted with jeering and derision.

The result was a front page headline in yesterdays Times   ” Cameron heckled by angry pensioners “

Sadly, on the previous page you can see Age UK’s own report of the event  which is  a watered down version of what transpired.

           Age UK don’t do AGE RAGE even if their pensioners do !    

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1 Response to ” More Age Rage “

  1. What now Pussy cat? The date is 4 June 2015 the election has come and gone: Do we have the government that, once we protested about? Or are we all looking forward with hand on heart to a brave new future, and backing our elite political brethern to make the ‘Right Choices’ I hope so it needs a strong head, and a steady hand at the tiller to guide us through some very choppy waters!!

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