A rallying call for a great place to grow older

This is a post that I have taken from the Age UK blog.   It starts with a nice publicity shot taken outside the Houses of Parliament to promote a rally to celebrate  the joys of later life.

Read the Age UK blog first, then see my next post which comments on  the reception that the Prime Minister got when he attended 🙂

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2 Responses to A rallying call for a great place to grow older

  1. It is good to Know we have a voice: Alas However where is the vision for the future generations? Our Children, What life or political freedoms will they have? It is not all about us taking what we want! It is surely a great deal about what the future holds, and what is good for us all, especially the young. We may provide confidence and wisdom, and a little financial security (With our fixed incomes), But most of all we must provide experience in life;s little ways so that the shisters and fly by nights are recognised and brought to heel.
    I believe in a free, democratic society with social and legal justice, and compassion for ones fellow citizen. My fore fathers and mothers went through WWI and WW II, I trust not in vain for me in old age to be selfish and self praising and pulling the drawbridge up, saying or uttering ‘I am all right Jack’!!!

  2. Another read? I have just clicked (Moused) the ‘View Original’ 428 words, and its associated blogs by Age UK. It makes for distressing reading, and one wonders what the elderly in the UK have to smile about, and challenge our prospective MP’s to what we wish for? You may like to read and make your own mind up? I however wonder if the seeds were set in our younger life, and the values we held dearly from our mothers and fathers?
    We are bound by what we were taught to learn by our parents, school, and work colleagues! and shown by example in people who guided us through life like our then politicians, church leaders, and civic organisations that cared for those less fortunate than our selves. There is no right and wrong way, but one has to live and follow ones beliefs and learn to be forgiving and compassionate about ones fellow neighbour.
    As I was taught charity begins at home, and one must learn and teach the family to be self sufficient, and yet help ones fellow neighbour, not to the detriment of ones own. Life is not fair it is a battle ground and the values when one was young still hold good when one is older, and as a society we require security and freedom to act responsible with bounds, and with consideration for others in our social make up of the UK.
    We need a leader(S) with a little vision not of glorified hope and never neverland but of reality and with work and togetherness are attainable!!
    I have just reread this epistle Maybe I am a self rightious prig? I hope not, just someone looking for a little more thought to this election than strict party lines, and dogma? It maybe that the tingalariiee vanman that sells me ice cream on a warm summers evening may have the answer? Until then I must wade through all this mumbo jumbo that makes up ‘electioneering’ To you all, have a good read and have a thought about what one may wish for?

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