“Hungry Age”

A recent study by the raging ageing campaign organisation AGE UK, found that nearly one million older people in Britain are skimping on meals to pay utility bills.  They point out that rises in the cost of living have outpaced pensions and created hardship for many vulnerable older people.

The study also notes that more than half a million pensioners said they now rarely eat meat because of the cost.

Then with much breast beating and heart on your sleeve compassion they remind us all that “good nutrition is especially important in later life”.

What a pity there was no mention of this in the AGE UK Later Life Conference a few weeks ago.  Clearly the “love later life” theme did not include:-

ManSmilew-BIGboard Cropped 144

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1 Response to “Hungry Age”

  1. I am sure the atendees at the conference exchanged lots of hot air and took deep breaths as they inhaled and digested all the subject matter of the conference? To keep warm I ask the question did they pass wind? Or as an old sea dog might say muster?

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