“Age UK” – The Last Straw

Just as I predicted a few weeks ago in my blogs about Age UK’s commercial deals (see “Age UK” in the TAG CLOUD for the previous posts). The Charity Commission have been provoked into action.

The recent negative publicity about Age UK’s energy deal with EON has embarrassed the regulator into taking action to require all charities to “review their commercial arrangements” and to “ensure their commercial contracts reflect the values of the charity”.

This follows concerns about pressurised fundraising methods adopted by several large charities – accosting people in the street (chugging) or bombarding them with unsolicited junk mail and harassing them with unwanted phone calls.    All marketing techniques widely used in the commercial sector, but less acceptable when used by a charity.

Over recent years, with the dramatic reduction in Government grants, many charities have sought to maximise their income elsewhere.  There is nothing wrong with that, providing they don’t forget their charitable purpose or lose the trust of their donors.   However, their charitable integrity should remain paramount and unquestionable.   If this is lost, all is lost.

The tax relief given to charities could be withdrawn if they are seen to be abusing the situation.    Charities are a much softer target for the tax inspector to take on  than Google, Amazon and Starbucks.

Age UK made more than £100 million in commercial income last year, but by doing so in a questionable and non-transparent way they may have done more damage to themselves and to other charities than they realise!

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3 Responses to “Age UK” – The Last Straw

  1. I am a ”little perplexed”, by this blog, I agree and understand its sentiments, and feel very pleased that action has been initiated: However I am wary of the ”Holier than thou” approach by the authorities, and especially by the ”Men in Grey suits” shall we say working behind the elected politicians of the day, as the GOVERNMENT of the UK?
    Are we in fact as a token by these ”Men in Grey suits” all becoming ”fodder” for thought, and how can the TAX Regime squeeze the last ”PIPS” out of the hands of the UK populous, by not having an open and transparent tax regime, but one of hidden challenges and charges, as to ‘How one should support worthy causes!
    We as a nation are we or do we have an alleged older mean age profile and we may be approaching senility, and forgetfulness: However we have all paid our taxes, earned our rights to retirement: The moral question for me is, why can I not trust the younger generation of the UK in general to respect us oldies, and have life’s modern tax and money schemes, simple open and honest, so I may understand them? I know in life one has the wicked elements of society who are out to ‘fleece’ the more vulnerable citizens, but not those persons or societies who are here to allegedly help the more elderly or less able to think out aloud and act in society as they may have done in their younger days.
    We should be able as individual be able to enjoy to spend our income as we wish with a free will, by the same token we must pay our taxes! It is all a balance and a tightrope to walk, as we reach ”Our Maker”: However I wish to think I could trust and enjoy the fellowship of my companions and fellow UK Citizens, and have a rewarded lifestyle, of friendship, love, and a little monies to spend, give to our loved ones. We have to be aware we cannot be the ”Greedy and selfish ones”’ otherwise as a flock of sheep we are ready to be ‘Fleeced’, and sheared as a fleece before it is turned into some thing else of usefulness by the attending ‘Guiding Hand’ ( the farmer metaphorically), or in this case the ”MEN IN GREY SUITS”.
    I have finished my sermon on my Kipper Box courtesy of the fish docks- what say you??

  2. Dear sir Knight, your suit is a bright and shiny suit of armour. From one of your many admirers.xxsweetie

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