“Hang the curtains!”

While care of older people in residential care homes languishes in a perilous position – under-funded, staffed largely by unqualified staff and inspected by tick box regulators – the Care Minister, Mr Norman Lamb, has come up with a bold new plan to transform the situation.

Personalise your room with your own furniture!

According to Mr Lamb, this will make residential care a “civilised home from home, and create a real sense of the individual’s home”.

This is such a good idea that it has been taken up by the Daily Mail’s hard hitting “Dignity for the Elderly” campaign.  Furthermore the raging champion of older people – AGE UK, is also firmly behind the programme.  The iron fist of the Care Quality Commission will be reinforcing Mr Lamb’s limp wrist with a “robust” regime of inspection.

Mr Lamb forgot to mention that you will have to fit all your furniture into a bedroom which is only just big enough for a single bed.  So no room for the three piece suite!  Oh, and your favourite curtains will need to be treated with fire retardant.

You could of course bring your favourite chair into the communal lounge, although it may look like an auctioneer’s sale room, if all 30 of the other residents, who also live in “your lounge”, want to do the same thing.

Really Mr Lamb, this hardly constitutes a new policy when the residential care sector is so bankrupt of both money and reforming ideas.  Your regulator – the Care Quality Commission, is currently suggesting that 750 care homes are failing on at least one basic standard for more than a year – surely furniture can’t be your top priority.  Deck chairs being rearranged on the Titanic comes to mind.

The Daily Mail obviously did not want to upset you by telling you this in an undignified way.  Even more concerningly, AGE UK have become so diplomatic these days that they seek to accommodate everyone and their furniture.  Nobody at AGE UK gets angry anymore, no matter how much older people are patronised by Government Ministers who are supposed to care for them.


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3 Responses to “Hang the curtains!”

  1. DEar Oh Dear! I expect some piebald explanations to come out of the woodwork as a result of the alleged comments by Mr Lamb?
    What on earth is the Rt Honourable Mr Lamb thinking off? We have been down this road before: Have we not?
    The government relinguished support and finance by local governments of Old age people’s care homes, and nursing homes to the private sector for the reasons of cost and beaurocracy, now we have vailed threats, all be alleged that one can tart up ones accommodation in a care/nursing home with individual choices of soft furnings Etc. However all to a fire standard of the building design and fire regulations. This is a nightmare, for the supporting families and friends.
    What is going on?
    To look at care for the elderly in care homes and nursing homes,one has to feed cloth and keep warm the residents, in clean and sanitary conditions, some of these aspects will require or may require some uniformify of some sort of standard within a care/nursing home or a company, charity,or organisation running and managing such complexes as nursing homes and care homes for the elderly, who are there either by choice and free will, or because of circumstances under which they cannot cope with problems associated with everyday living, and require some form of support, and consideration for there welfare both physically and mentally.
    AS in all life there will be some establishments which require attention from the authorities, and some that excell or deliver care and welfare with aplomb, but a little guidance.
    CQC need a gentle kick up the backside, not in political noise, but how they achieve the target of how they help the companies and organisations to be more understanding and caring, with the pound signs not being the main objectives: Not forgetting that a realistic outlook has to be explained to the general population of the UK how one achieves all these Targets for care and welfare, with dignity for the elderly, at reasonable costings.
    Question: at what age does one require help with living as one grows older, and what are the criteria, maybe if this were expanded a little more one may be able to look old age in the eye, and come to terms with what one does require, when one becomes more old and feeble and feels less secure in this society of ours?????

    • Come into the alley, and I will give you a good time!!! said the fair maiden: RAPE I heard her scream, and I was a sucker for a good time?
      I feel sorely abused by these politicians, What has happened to the case of spending over £21K or was it or is it in todays parlance over £75 or £100K on care and nuring home fees? Has the exact amount and typified accounts been defined as yet?
      Never mind hang the curtains, hang the politicians, and the men in grey suits, I feel raped and savaged.

      • Now the tame NHS Poodle of the government is out to dianoise DEmentia? Where is the clinical definition, if diagonoised can I Vote; write a legal will?; writea living will?; determine Powers of attorney health and financiallly wise, within in my own rights?; does the human rights legislation adopt me as an orphan and defend my rights as a citezen of the European Union?? All thses answers if one has them on a postcard please, because I am totally confused, as to whom or what ins considered a normal life, once one has retired and over the age of 55.
        Who is big brother this is 1984 ( Geoge Orwell) is it not?

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