Bitcoin News !

What have I started ?    I only briefly mentioned bitcoins a few days ago in my last blog and now it is all over the front page of The Times.     What’s more, people have been speculating on this new currency all over the globe.    I may have become the new portal for investment advice.    Before you know it I will probably have my own TV show !  “From rags to riches in two nano-seconds”.

When bitcoins started long ago in 2008,  by a nodding Japanese digital acquaintance – Satoshi Nakamoto, nobody much new what they were.   Almost  ten years later they still don’t.    Only a few techie geeks like me realised their potential.    Five years ago you could buy one for £1,000, now a single bitcoin will cost you £20,000.   Well done Sato old mate !

I bought a load of tulips a few months ago but they have peaked in value in 1637 and I think I missed the financial boat.     So I will just have to plant them in the garden and enjoy them in the spring.     My next wild hope was gold, but after a lot of digging in the back garden I haven’t found another Klondike in Kilsby.       Like thousands of other speculators I may have to fall back on my premium bonds to fund my retirement.  Unfortunately I don’t think £25 will cover me for more than five minutes in a nursing home.

That brings me full circle to the bitcoin revolution.    Like tulips and gold they were worth nothing when they started.    Then I began to write about them and BINGO, Bobs your uncle and Pop goes the weasel.      Everyone’s buying them —- tax dodgers, criminals, drug dealers, Russian oligarchs and other nice people.   Even the big banks are considering on cashing in.

At least now I won’t need to keep all my money under the matress anymore.    I will be able to hide my lifes savings in the cumulo nimbus, just as long as it doesn’t rain bitcoins




I maybe about to become a global investor ikon    😎😎😎.    Who would have thought — me, Warren Buffet, George Soros and Satoshi.

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1 Response to Bitcoin News !

  1. david w freeman says:

    Delight dear JoHn! this piece on ”Bitcoin”, has caused me to pass this sunday, while I watch the snowfall from my lounge window to sit and muse? What if I was a ”Bitcoin” millionaire, or more down to earth a Uk Lottery winner of avarice beyond my dreams, in terms of hard cash? Well I have dreamt, but wait I must count my good fortune todate! I have friends, family neighbours, support and a secure place of residence in My Extracare Charities Village appartment, with my immediate family happy with my way of life! It is very sobering and reassuring- Great John all down to a dream and vision you shared with us back in 2005/7 and your sucessors today.
    The ”Bitcoin” quote:
    I have read the explainations and tried to study the rationale as explained in todays Sunday Mail 10 12 2017, and yet again for clarity on the wikapea web site. I am totally bamboozled by the apparent use of friendly words i know to describe; coin; wallet; mining; etc.? However when one reads each particulat term with respect to this cyber space economy, i am totally lost, and at 75 years of age I become very cynical, and suspicious.
    Going on from here I understand trade, by honourable citezens and the acceptance of ”CASH” as I know it? For a handshake a service or an article/goods for either exchange of time, or a token of value [Cash]. Different services and goods have a heiriachic value? the prescious metals [gold and silver etc] usually because of scaricity and enduring everlasting life have a standard of value.
    Here one has to look at computers, and the world web [launch, described and free of royalites] was released upon the world by a Brit! Subsequently the web search engines, providers, commerical enterprenurs have been trying to envigal us into a charge or rental of sorts for the softwear/hardware? We pay for our computers and programmes from a commerical outlet, so far so good: However once on the web we can select what ever we wish free or for a charge. Thats the simple reason.
    Now look at what use the ‘bitcoin’ may hide? To access the worldwide web all computers {world wide. and locally], over the period of development each have limited life and ability to store and reissue information, hence they are backed up, by newer computers- Now we have to have a leap of faith? all information accessed by all of us has a tag/name/etc? now that personal information generally is tittle tatle, however to the unscupulous it is power-monies, and the ‘BITCOIN’ is i assume a way of trading in storing web/computer space which is free from spying eyes and deflamatory accusations in a secure depository of knowledge! So Far so good?
    HOWEVER The founders I may suggest are not selling secure web information depository, but computer storage space to users, and the bitcoin is a way of offering a share in one of these computer hardware storage units. –AS time goes on and the web users become greater in number, the more use the search engines and web software- hence the likes of bing google microsoft and associate web companies wish us to refer to their individual cyber space super computers bases world wide and in space? As we innocently use these cyber sites we trade in information—POWER to the gangsters of this world, and space. Bitcoin is the trading collateral of this collective computer information??? on a commericial basis. It is shady no personal meetings and persons exchanging
    genuie ideals- It is all being done by by smoke and mirrors.
    I would be wary of the share holders in Bitcoin are they all true ‘Blue’ or reds under the bed, or some foreign nation desirous of world domination.
    Auntie would be interested as I am sure the affiliates of the western world defence alliances, would also have an interest not for the title tatle but the world domination of the wordwide web?? Maybe Auntie is all ready there? OOOAH? Bloody hell??

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