“Peak Stuff”

Economists are funny people with some very strange ideas.   They are always forecasting things which rarely come true.   Today I read for the first time about the theory of “peak stuff”.  It is not a concept I have come across, although it sounds like a collision of product life cycles.

Apparently some economist worked out that in the UK in the year 2000 the average person in Britain purchased 15 tons of material.  By 2013 that number had fallen to a mere 10 tons.   Goodness knows how they calculated that number or what it consisted of :- cars, furniture, a years’ supply of food and drink, clothes.   Could that all add up to fifteen tons, or even ten tons?  It’s very hard to believe but, I suppose a lot of it would be excess packaging.

Well when you have got that much stuff you may conclude you have enough.  That’s where the idea of “peak stuff” comes from.   Older people are likely to reach this state sooner than everyone else.    That is when I started to get concerned about my M&S shares.   I was reading in the Times business pages about Marks and Spencer’s closing a number of its stores and they mentioned “peak stuff” leading to reduced  consumer demand.

I suppose when you think about it, I certainly have enough pants and vests to last a lifetime.  Not to mention white shirts, and socks and hankies and sweaters and ties and more ties.  Yep I have definitely reached “peak stuff”.

The economists were right after all.   It is me that is responsible for the country’s economic downturn.

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1 Response to “Peak Stuff”

  1. You sentimental ”poor old bugger!!” where do you get these thoughts from?
    I reflect gently at what yOu may have suggested, or at least the ”statisticians and published clap trap?” on economics: a drop from 15 tons to 10 tons or is it tonnes{metric language}, well I will go again to the foot of our stairs, and listen to Grannie, Mum and Dad, ranting on about credit in all its forms [mortgage/loans for desired and necessary items, and then the eager banks and finance house offering easy daily credit at some high rate of interest? I reflect in the tales told by ‘Dickens’ and Mr Macaber! and the family saying penny wise pound foolish? We all have to look after those pennies, and have I bought 10 tons of commodities? Well NO! not yet as far as I can recollect, unless one assumes bricks and mortar are part of the equation? However in this modern society of ours, if one was to ”weigh up” in words what is transmitted and stored on the worldwide web? I am sure I should have been a rich farmer selling and promoting besides ”information, as useful as it is/ but ”Bullshit” and if I printed all the information for reference purposes, I am sure over the past few years since the inception of the ”web’ we would all, including me demanded, printed on and wasted some tons of paper?
    At my delicate age I cannot eat paper, so that no way of disposal, and my mind at 70+ has trouble remembering the day of the week? My memories are off the ice cream man and his van [Frank Grenelli] after school playing his ‘tingalari’ with that memorable tune, selling pleasure and ice cream with a ‘flake’.
    All I say to you John and this peak stuff/ is ‘TOSH’!!!

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