Last Laugh Looney Party Reborn !

This is the sequel to my last post and the start of a whole new political era in the Last Laugh Looney Party UK.    Or as it is more commonly called the UP-EM-ALL-PARTY 😀 😀😀😀

The first step will be to encourage more resignations from the current political parties.   This will be done in the traditional way of appealing to MPs’ egos and their pockets.    All the defectors from either main party will be offered Ministerial positions in the new Government, if the LLLP is successful at the soon-to-be upcoming General Election.   Each new Minister will have a car and a chauffeur and an important red box and six paid Ministerial Aides, (which could be their family and friends) and a Ministerial title of their own choosing.    This may well mean we have several Chancellor’s of the Exchequer and probably twenty or thirty Overseas Aid Ministers, who will jet about saving the world with our money.

There could also be some surprising new positions:-   Mr Corbinista, Minister for Manholes;  Mrs MaybeMaybenot, Minister for Designer Shoes;  Mr Boris Johnstoned, Minister for Hairdressers;   Mr Michael Goad, Minister for Rubbish one day and Climate Change the next or any thing that will keep him in the headlines.    These are just a few of the roles they could fulfil in a new Government.

The smaller party’s are not included in this offer, they can just continue arguing amongst themselves.   They will have exclusive use of the debating chamber because all the Ministers will be out and about in their shiny new cars and on frequent foreign trips.

Of course this is all fantasy, there won’t really be hundreds of new Ministers, that was just a politician’s promise that the LLLP never intended to keep once it got into office 🤡.     There won’t even be many politicians, since one of the first moves of the LLLP will be to slim down Parliament.   The House Of Lords will become the House of Lord and that’s me.  The House of Commons will have just two MP’s, one for everything and one against everything, and I, as the Chief Lord will have the casting vote.   That way it will be very democratic !

Long live the UP-EM-ALL-PARTY !

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5 Responses to Last Laugh Looney Party Reborn !

  1. Mycountry
    Dear Oh dear! This is ‘Ragamuffin’ from the right/left of the LLLP and is in dire need of advice as to whom or who, to support in the forthcoming hustling s for the encroaching elections.
    I must admit Dear John as chairman of the LLLP has given a lead as to whom the party may support, and his elevation to the ‘peerage’, if whom he supports is successful and elected to the ‘Houses of Parliament’.
    What worries me as a ‘Ragamuffin’ is his infinite belief that HE! Dear John? Is right??? I am in a quandary, and need time to consider my position { at the moment sat on a poe? Without any idea of what my movements will be?}
    For the sanity of mind I have turned to reading a publication -’’Mature Times’’ published in Bristol- Any port in a storm!-. The issue 318 march 2019, I am trying to put my feet firmly on the ground as an ‘’Oldie’’ The subject matter aired or discussed within this issue are as follows:-
    Fire safety in care homes- {do not be burnt alive}
    Waiting for a green paper on care?- ‘Dying to read the outcome’???
    Does your neighbour need you? Well put another way-[ ‘’Does the LLLP need common sense’’??] With headings of ‘back to happiness/winters are hard on the lonely’? A lot of cold air with no feelings and the then the ‘Friendly Chat’. A good composition piece for the LLLP manifesto!
    National service is mentioned, and WWII times of the camaraderie of the older folk, and the good feelings to help one and another.
    Insurance crops up and the Ethos of what is ‘’Insurance’’ and what is it for? It expands a little on more openness, and truth to allay the misunderstandings of an allegedly ‘‘bent’’ industry? Out to rob Peter and then to pay Paul!
    NHS bank staff not monies but time? And working flexi hours to enable a more beneficial service to all?? Cutting the skills and shortfall of staff problems?
    Women’s issues looking back at fashion, and reflecting in history of the female gender, most thought provoking- higher hem lines, duties and sacrifices as persons of integrity.
    Then we have our children staring at a screen, pushing buttons without the need for face to face social intercourse, where one may learn to monitor body language and facial expressions-Human faults, or lack of them?
    Cash!!! and cash points that issue cash free of a direct fee/charge- These are disappearing fast as the ‘’banking industry’’ appears to wish us to go cashless on a credit card: with all those hidden charges for over spend? And again the Powers at ‘BEEE’ may wish us to what do we do with our actual ‘’cash’’ returns or is that a tax dodge too far? Are we putting all the accounts out of work by using a ‘’bankers-cashless society’’ I just wonder who is fooling who??
    I just wonder as a simpleton and as a ‘ragamuffin’ to boot what will the members of the Westminster parliament and all their advisor’s get up to?? mischief?? I wonder?? We should all pay our taxes honestly and support the less fortunate honest people in life!!!
    The paper then covers a couple of health issues, for the elderly, such as cancer, and alzhimiers and watching the ‘flicks’ at the local cinema, with subdue lighting:not intelligence!.
    One of the final comments is about winter and the warm winter, which makes me think of reality as the hot air blowing around Westminster at the moment.
    Finally a piece for an invited ‘Tyke’ [lad from Liverpudlian] about the city of York. All in all an issue, of interest on this occasion, with light reading, a different read to the daily media and all about the ‘BREXIT’ bashing.
    Do not forget I vote for the LLLP Last Laugh Looney Party- the ‘UPHUM and atum & getum Society committee for fair dinkum rights to all society members.
    The fact is if you vote- a promise is a promise up to 12 noon on April 1st election day?

  2. David Freeman says:

    Fitfabfun are still offering gifts? What a choice?

  3. Bless me! What a mess! I am reminded of the battle hymn of the republic with the words “praise the lord, and passthe ammunition””- Westminster are leaving me COLD? AND feeling out of the Loop and in the cold!
    What a shambles our parliamentarians are showing us? No clear or concise way forward with a simple fact sheet–with reason for? Or against? And why we should or at least they vote on be half of BREXIT???
    I am a full supporter of the. LLLP and welcome. their forthcoming elections on 1st. April concerning this subject!!!
    I am inthe process or writing a “””dear john””letter not a dear Teresa, or dear Jeremy letter, I feel I will get more sense from the -last laugh looney party???
    I am off to the local pub1,waiting dilagently for the “”Sally army” band,the collection boxes to pass. Me by, with the”battle hymn of the republic. Resoundingin my ears ,and the encore of ” onward christian. Soldier’s marching asto war””, and a good rattling of tamborines!!!
    God help us all, and may we have 😚🤓 some common sense???

    • john graham says:

      I remember “ loosening fateful lightening with my terrible swift sword “ but it is not necessary to pass the ammunition. Try “trampling on the grapes of wrath” while you are down the pub.
      Stay calm David, the Last Laugh Looney Party will have the Last Laugh in the end.

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