LLLP Cabinet Resignation !

A few years ago the Last Laugh Loony Party were asked by Prime Minister MaybeMaybenot to help with the Brexit negotiations.    Now that task is almost complete and she has reached a truly Looney solution, which is to have no solution at all.  It is completely clear that the LLLP has done the job.    Both sides of the political divide are at odds with each other and with themselves.

The E.U. negotiators couldn’t have been more helpful or more unhelpful every step of the way.   Mr Junket’s pronouncements only served to inflame the situation with each new position.    Ably-assisted by French President Macceroni pompously throwing in his sixth pennarth  every now and again, or should that be six euros 😀

Back in Britain, the resignations have started in Parliament in both the Conservative and Labour Parties.     They are jumping ship before the ship sinks, but they don’t yet have another ship to jump onto.   Is this an opportunity for the LLLP seize control ?    Maybe /maybe not.   The cabinet leavers are rudderless – they don’t know where they are going –  and leaderless.   It is a prefect LLLP political storm 😈

The headline news tomorrow will be :-

“ The LLLP  resigns from the Cabinet and forms a new coilition !”

Watch this space……………. for more resignations .


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2 Responses to LLLP Cabinet Resignation !

  1. Now then ladies and gentlemen, what about that defunct body called, yeah!!! named British Shipbuilders, represented on every major river in the UK. I support the Last Laugh Looney Party, and call this defunct organisation ‘British Shipbuilders’ to launch with great ceremony a homemade raft of bamboo, rope and a single mast with a white sheet [surrender] for a sail with an upside down union jack[vessel in distress] at the mast head fluttering in the breeze, as it sets sail from Brunel’s slipway at Woolwich, and on its voyage down the Thames into the choppy waters of the North Sea, Blown by all the hot air from that august body called the ‘Houses of Parliament’, and set sails to those joyless waters of an ‘Empire’ {long forgotten}, turning our back on our neighbours in Europe.
    It is all a game of ‘Blackjack’ or is it roulette as these politicians play [watching] for the ball to reach that illusive number on the rotating wheel? what do we wish 1-30 or the zero the bank to win? I am sure the old lady of Threadneddle street is shuddering, and like you and me wondering do we support the dollar, the pound sterling, or the Euro??? Again any bodies guess?
    We have a queen, and a commonwealth: however age is also against them, so do we celebrate as the LLLP for all this indecision???
    At my age of 76, I am disappointed, very disappointed that life has produced a parliament without a consensus, and a little common sense to offer an discussion document for the benefit of the UK as a nation in the ‘whole’, and not a windy story based upon political party lines.
    The life raft launched by ‘British Shipbuilders’ only has so much deck space and can only support the few? out of the hogging [Sea-water], and again the rations are to die for ‘Hard tack’- biscuits, and limited amounts of pure water? unless you wish to go mad and drink/sup salt water to quench any thirst or keep body and soul together.
    Just go out and vote for the Last Laugh Looney Party, we will stay ashore and join the kids in a party of jelly and ice cream, with a cake to celebrate or election under our leader ‘DEAR JOHN’,
    And do not forget to write to the usual address, and send your donations to Smiles and Grumbles, any monies to me personally the Ragamuffins Society- Please cheques made out to cash.

  2. do not forget the election in the LLLP is on 01 April 2019, Please vote, and have your say on the ‘STUMP’!!!

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