Rubbish Bins 3

This is the third blog in the series of posts about bins and rubbish.   A key question to ask is “what is the difference between clutter and rubbish?”   It occurs to me that one mans clutter is another man’s rubbish.   I say man, because women are generally much tidier than men.

If we could only link up all the hoarders of clutter with the rubbish collectors, we would have a lot less rubbish to dispose of.

But really we need a much more radical solution, so I thought the Last Laugh Looney Party may have some ideas :-

  • Maybe we could insist that manufacturers collect all the excess packaging their goods arrive in and also pick the product when it expires.    Very quickly there would be a lot less wrapping going on and products would be made to last a lot longer.
  • Littering could be made a criminal offence, including any waste you were thinking of throwing out.   Bin collections by Local Authorities would no longer be necessary.    Convicted offenders could be sentenced to collect 10 times the weight of waste they threw away.
  • Or we could build one great big giant rubbish mountain, say somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, where it won’t offend too many people.    They should have voted for the LLLP instead of SNP 🙂.    Eventually it could be turned into a tourist attraction with ski lifts and artificial snow.  The methane from it could be used to give free energy to the Scots to compensate them for all the smell when the wind blows southwards.
  • How about if we sent all of the worlds rubbish into space.   A rubbish cloud over the north and south poles might act like a solar shield.    It could fill up the holes in the ozone layer and eliminate the problem of global warming.

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3 Responses to Rubbish Bins 3

  1. time for thoughts? A response is in the offing, but the links between, rubbish/penalties and th ‘LLLP’ make me go cold! and yet hot under the collar? I am confused as a mear elderly gent of mild manners?
    By the way ‘fabfitfun’ advertisement sponsorship still is chasing me? I am not sure of which gifts to highlight as appropriate?

  2. Bins for the use of?
    I am looking through and over my ‘rose coloured spectacles’ at the image of the chairman of the Last Laugh Looney Party, and just wondering! What IF?
    I note the chairman has a controlling ‘influence’, namely MO! So he is not as ‘‘Free as a Bird’’ as he may wish to make out.
    It is true ‘One man rubbish is another man’s clutter’ ? However leaving this alone one is left with the ad hoc suggestions of levies or fines for disposing of this waste matter? I wish to protest most strongly as a ‘’ragamuffin’’ with leanings to both the right and left of the ‘LLLP’, as to what a solution may be??/?
    1/ manufactures to take back the packaging on arrival, and send of pick a product out of date??
    Spherical objects, how come we only vote every 5 years for a change of parliament, the out of date stamp has long since passed, and common sense has gone out of the window- The manufactures {Political parties of the UK] should be a little more innovative to the UK public, as some are to the House of Commons expenses committee with their excuse of what a fee or expense is???
    2/ The fine alleged being proposed by the LLLP of ten times the all up weight of the rubbish one throws away? ‘Balls’ what a cheek, it is now FEbruary and I am anticipating my local/Parish tax demand to drop onto my ‘shag carpet’ and no doubt I will feel totally ‘shagged’ with all the heavyweights of elected do gooders drawig expenses for ‘hotair’ dispersed at their weekly meetings in the county and town halls!!!
    3/ the prospect of a rubbish mountain within the UK is a non starter, and the Right of the LLLP [the ragamuffins] recommend a schism as in the synod, we pray to our own leader, and shot the saintly chairman without ceremony, but at least celebrate his passing. Onward and up ward with the LLLP we do not need a leader, just a consensus. { like the Marie Celeste= rudderless and crew-less or did I say clue-less.} AS for the smell and the methane, I will leave that to the UK [not just the Scots] in general we/they have the rotting pieces of steel in the seas around the UK all waiting to be liberated, releasing once again some of the former fishing grounds which so many angle about in a general EU conversation.
    4/- Blasting all the rubbish into space, giving us climatic changes, again all ‘hotair’’, We would have no daylight, or maybe sunlight. WE would all be living in the dark!!!!
    It is all in the mind and at least the Last laugh looney Party are offering some form of solution to the UK and her political problems, and if you believe us!!! You and Vote for Us, or Join the party. Subscriptions care of Smiles and Grumbles, and name the benefactor namely me a #RAGAMUFFIN# please donate well and dig deep, I wish words Of wisdom to be donated, Not abuse from any reputable English Dictionary, and slang must be qualified in Gallic or welsh or even cornish.
    Back chat and abuse from a fellow seafarer is an unfair use and advantage of my mother tongue.
    Please bend over!! It is now your time to express a wish as you gaze in wonderment at the ‘’Golden Rivet’’

  3. Before I leave this page of rubbish? I wish to comment on communications as of today 26 02 2019 . A bewildered young lady of some 80 years, has just thrust a mobile telephone into my hands, and asked me to simplify, her understanding of the pages upon her mobile appliance.
    I am mortified this mobile phone can, talk, dance and take pictures, and I suspect pay an occasion bill?
    What defeats this young lady is that the younger gentlemen at the store of purchase, had expressed that this appliance was a simple device, to talk/text/take pictures, and connect the unit to ‘the web’, and all those mysteries of today’s living.
    The young lady just wisher her phone to have a directory memory of her personal contact telephone numbers, register an incoming call, and a directory of missed calls- This task is complicated by a delicate touch screen, which at a wrong finger movement produces a menu of various alternatives, and has no easily to see ‘Return Button’ to the previous screen, so the intimacy of a one on one contact is lost to half a dozen or so alternatives [callers names=telephone numbers with a request for text of contact etc.] It is baffling!.
    This lady of young 80 years, understands what the high street represents- Retailers/supermarkets/banks/building societies/bakery/television-radio/betting shops a bus stop and a telephone box. She is totally confused with all these services on a small object like a mobile telephone?
    We all have to learn, however to us and this oldie i feel naked, and the younger generation are able to handle all this modern communication and commercial trading: However it is and can be totally befuddling, and if not explained in words of one syllable, and we or I feel like I am been treated as an imbasille[lunatic], and should be looked up as an article of derision, not wisdom and some worldly experience!!!
    Maybe I am a grumpy old man, however I feel naked and vulnerable in this modern life of ours, like the young lady of 80 years.
    Life is changing for us all

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